Fudgelet Food, Part 4: Smoothies and More

The Fudgelet has finally been getting better about eating more foods we eat. It’s still tricky since he only has the 4 front teeth, but I have been making dishes to provide him with new options each week. This installment of Fudgelet Food will let you know about our biggest success…


That’s right, the humble smoothie. I had some frozen breastmilk that needed to get used, and I figured he could use some extra calories (I am always trying to plump him up since he is on the smaller side). He already loves drinking water, and likes yogurt melts, so it seemed logical that he would like these. Well, that was wrong. He looooooves them. I simply puree the fruit first (since I have been using frozen fruit now that the berries in the store are less sweet), then add whatever dairy I feel like that day. Often I make a big batch and can offer him small amounts throughout a day or two, so that I don’t have to constantly clean a blender (I hate that task).



The one above has some frozen blueberry puree that I also wanted to use up, and was the first smoothie I made him. The frozen white stuff is breastmilk. I also have used yogurt.



Since the fruit is frozen, it is a bit thick at first, and it slowly liquifies over the day in the fridge.


It has been an easy way of getting him to get more calories, but also seems to encourage him to eat more of the other foods, too.

A Fudgelet Food Failure was a bean dip I thought he might like.


It might have been too garlicky or had too much lemon juice for him. I liked it.


He does eat chicken easily, which has been nice. I can simply fry some in a pan with seasoning, or bake it if I have more time. Then, I shred it with my fingers and give him the small pieces.


The chicken above is skinless. What you are seeing is curry, because yes, he likes curry powder. Haha!


His least favorite food item is carbs. I can get him to eat some as a snack (puffs, crackers, etc.) but he is less interested with his meals. Sometimes he will go for bread, but recently he has been loving pasta. If it is a new shape or has a sauce, it takes him a handful of tastes to agree to eat it, but then he gobbles it up. Yay! Vegetables and fruit are still his favorite foods, in general. I am trying to expand his horizons with those groups, too. I’ve given him some different squash (not always a fan), and we are trying oranges again, too. He ate clementines awhile back, but hasn’t had much citrus.

Any food suggestions? I want to make sure he has a variety of foods, since I often fall into ruts…lunch is almost always PB and J for me, so he gets more interesting meals than I do, haha.

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