Friday Favorites 14

Currently, I am working on a craft that I hope to have finished and written about before this post goes live. We shall see! I guess I could be working on it now, but my eyes are a bit too tired for using scissors. Summer left, and I’m still in shock that September has also flown by, and here we are mostly through October. Yeesh. Is this what getting old feels like? Everything is fast? I do find myself trying to appreciate holidays, seasons, and sunny days more with the Fudgelet. I want to make sure that he enjoys these things and has some traditions growing up.

We have been working on getting the Fudgelet to eat more food. He has always been on the small side, and he likes food, but has some normal toddler finickiness. When I meal plan, or bookmark recipes for later, I try to keep him in mind, too. Are there parts of the meal he could eat? That he likes? Or something new for him to try? That part is fun…it’s less fun when he tosses the food on the floor, and then I have to clean it up after begging him to eat.

Friday Favorites-001

He did attempt to eat these pumpkins…but alas, they are only for decoration.


Friday Favorites-002

  1. Let’s get into the Halloween spirit with this first one….a pumpkin-shaped cheese ball! It sounds yummy, but is also perfect for any Fall parties. You could even use it for a kid’s Cinderella party.
  2. I did a baked chicken breast recipe from a different blog recently, and I wasn’t impressed. The chicken turned out not great, and I usually have luck baking chicken breasts. So, I am a bit leery of going away from my method, but this faux sous vide idea is intriguing. I need to get a new oven thermometer since my old one died, but I will let you know if I do this.
  3. It’s the time of year to start indulging more. Okay, okay, I indulge all of the time, but this is the time of year when other people join me in eating rich desserts. This dessert is probably rich, but at the same time, it is easy to eat just a sliver of cheesecake. Or is that just me? And of course, I need a chocolate/peanut-butter one. This one doesn’t even require baking. Easy peasy!
  4. This is another simple recipe, although it does require the oven…I am sad that my tahini went bad, because I want to make this yesterday! 🙂 I plan on making it the next time I pick up some tahini.
  5. Do you categorize your bookmarks? I have so many folders and subfolders. For this recipe, it was hard to decide: Bread or Side Dish? I went with side dish because usually my bread links are for bread from scratch. This recipe has you take rolls and make them extra fancy. There are lots of variations, so you don’t have to follow the exact flavors in this one.

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