Topic-Changing Thursdays: Felt for Fall

Some people get upset with Pinterest-style crafts or activities, and some people praise them. Some people really don’t care at all. I feel like you do what you want to do. Occasionally, I have time (and interest) in being crafty. I’m not very good compared to friends of mine, but I do what I want, and that makes me happy. Currently, my crafting tends to be related to the Fudgelet, so hopefully it makes him happy. Last year, I had fun making him and his friends fancy pumpkins.


This year, I worked on a craft that he could play with.


Felt is fairly good at sticking to itself, which leads to fun crafts. After seeing some other people do similar activities with felt, I decided to try it with the Fudgelet.

I began with a few sheets of felt: two large (white for the background and brown for the tree) and a few small in different colors for the leaves. Next, I traced his hand onto a piece of paper. I used that template to make my leaves. For the tree, I looked at some clip art pictures online and drew an outline on the brown felt with a pencil. The pencil didn’t really make much of a mark, but more of an impression that I could use. Now it was just time to finish cutting out the leaves and allowing the Fudgelet to have fun.



The “Boo” letters are store-bought, but I couldn’t resist for the season.






None of it is permanent since I wanted him to be able to play. If you wished, you could always hot glue the tree onto the background for a bit more permanence.


And as it looked before the Fudgelet helped design it:



3 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: Felt for Fall

  1. Cute idea! Looks like he had fun playing with it so mission accomplished. Greetings to all of you from sunny South Florida!

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