Fudgelet Food: Part 3, Frozen Yogurt Melts

Before the Fudgelet was even eating solid food, I heard of making yogurt melts. A mom had shared a Pinterest picture where someone piped out small bits of flavored yogurt and froze them for her baby. I attempted it once he started eating food, but he did not care for yogurt at all, and I was not going to waste my time with the piping. I didn’t want to waste the yogurt mixture I had made, though, so I ended up filling some silicone molds with it. Lo and behold, a few months later he loves them, especially the ones from the Lego people mold I have. So, I am sharing what worked for me and how you can alter it for your own taste buds.



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Friday Favorites 12

I am writing this one after a rough patch of sleep from the Fudgelet. He did not want to go to sleep last night, and he took a while to go down each time he woke up…including at 5 am where I didn’t get him back to sleep until 7 am. That was tiring. And then we slept in a bit as a result, which threw off our day. Then, I didn’t get him down for his nap until the middle of the afternoon. After much crying. And both of us getting hungry again. And me just being frustrated because he normally goes down much easier for sleep and each time has been a battle. Okay. /endrant as they say. At least he is finally asleep and I get a chance to do some blogging.


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Tips-y Tuesdays: Making Sugar Cookies

Today’s post is not about a recipe for sugar cookies. Basically, I just used another blogger’s recipe which worked really well. This is more a “if I can do it, you can do it” post. I am horrible with decorating and making things look pretty. I’m not a big fashion person, home decorator, cake decorator, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be that person. I see other people do it and am always impressed. Many of my friends are that way, which makes me both sad that I am not better, but also okay since I can always ask their advice. I am better at other things, and I am satisfied with that. Most of the time. Then there are times when I decide to stretch my limits. I am here to tell you to stretch your limits as well. You could surprise yourself with how good you are.



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