Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 14 Months!

I have decided to scale back the Fudgelet posts….for at least now, they will be every other month instead of each month. Eventually I plan on doing fewer as he gets older. There are still so many new things he does at this age, and I have family and friends who like to see these. If you find them boring, at least you know what this is by the title each time. 😉 But then again, by the time he is older, I might be sharing other Fudgelet posts. Like times he cooks with me, or crafts we do. Not sure, but I plan on growing my blog with him. Hopefully you will join us for the ride!


The past two months, he has been picking up steam with his walking. He loves walking in circles and pacing. It’s weird, but I let him do it since it doesn’t require too much energy on my part, and it tires him out for his nap/bedtime.


As far as talking goes, I honestly am not sure what his first word was. Each time we would think he was saying a word, and then he would stop and make other sounds instead…and then maybe make the old sound, so you think it is a word, but maybe it’s all in your head??? And then he starts potentially saying Daddy, which is awesome, but then he seems to say it to other things as well…I can say for certain that he makes a certain sound when he sees a ball. It sounds like “dall” (almost all of his sounds start with a D at this point). He also will say “doggy” when he sees dogs. I don’t know which one was first, but I can say that the dog one was the easiest to recognize. So, I might say that was his first word? I think we owe his interest in dogs to this toy from his Godfather…it sings and moves when you press his tail.


You might also be able to see that he is into pointing now. All.the.time. It’s cute until it’s not, as they say. Basically, he will point at things he wants. Sometimes things he doesn’t even really want. He has realized he can communicate with us, and it is helpful, but also bad during things like meals. You want him to eat what is on his tray, and he is pointing for other food. Even if that same food is already on his tray. Clearly the cheese on the table is better than the same cheese on his tray. Duh, Mom!


Speaking of food and meals…I have been letting him snack more. Mostly before dinner. He tends to get in the mood for food around 4, but isn’t super hungry. I used to try to feed him earlier, but then he wouldn’t eat much. I found that if I give him a snack cup and let him play/snack around that time, he is still plenty hungry an hour later for a regular meal. Plus, I’m always trying to get more food in him. With all of his walking, his baby fat is long gone, and I want to make sure he gets what he needs. The snacks are food I used to give during his meals anyway, so this way he gets to feel independent and a little naughty, when really he is doing what I want him to do anyway. 🙂

He tends to walk around eating, or squat like this.


Maybe that’s the way I should eat my food…get a little exercise in while I’m stuffing chocolate cake in my mouth. Mmmm.


His naps have been fairly regular since switching to one nap a day. Generally after being up for 4 hours, and generally lasting about 1.5 hours. When he wakes in the morning or after his nap, he used to want to see me and get a hug. Now he is more interested in his books that sit just out of reach of his crib. He sees me, and then points at his books until I hand him one. Then he settles down for a few minutes with it, flipping through the pages and pointing at the pictures, before deciding he is happy to leave the crib with me. Ha! So, yeah, book love is still a thing.


We moved our giant panda to his play area to help block our tv from him. Basically, we could set up a fence, but at some point he needs to know he can’t just go to it, so we decided to use the panda as a “friendly” reminder. 🙂 Instead of going for the tv, he usually goes for the panda instead. Usually. He also loves to point at the panda’s nose, ears, etc. We’ve been working on naming things, so he will also point at our noses and we will say “nose!”, amusing him to no end. You might also be able to see in the picture his top teeth. Four teeth are fully present! He is eating even more foods now, which is great.

That’s about it for the Fudgelet. Stay tuned for the next update!

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