Friday Favorites 13

I have gotten a bit behind lately. Behind with the blog. Behind with emails. Behind with social media. Behind with sleep….but, I have stayed current with many things I struggled with before…meal planning, a routine for me and the Fudgelet, chores (mostly), shopping (groceries and other necessities), following the news (hard when you don’t really watch tv). So, all in all, I feel ahead even if part of me always feels behind. I guess that’s how life works. Right now, I am writing this as I sit next to the Fudgelet eating lunch. He loves to throw his food everywhere and eat sooooo slowly. If I ignore him a bit, I find he eats better. Weird, but I am using it as a way of getting another blog post in, so yay!

We are entering the season when Halloween decorations are everywhere, the days are a bit more dreary, and you wonder where summer has gone. As I write this, today is potentially the last warm, sunny day for awhile. In the PNW, you never know when the last day of summer is here until a week or so later. And then, even when you’ve missed the rain a bit, you realize that you also miss those sunny days.


Friday Favorites-001

I am sharing the picture below because it shows what the Fudgelet has been up to recently…lots of snuggling! He loves giving hugs and kisses, and we love it, too! He will even snuggle blankets and stuffed animals.



Friday Favorites-002

  1. Back when I was dating K, I had just returned in the morning from visiting him over my spring break. I couldn’t sleep with weird jet lag, even though I was tired. So, I decided to make some bagels to take over my aunt’s for Easter later. Weird, but yeah. The first time I made bagels, and I did it with jet lag. They turned out ok, but I think I could do better now. Even with my lack of sleep, I am a bit better with bread than I was then. This sounds like a tasty recipe.
  2. I like to bake chicken breasts for different recipes, but I usually do them with a sauce. This idea of no sauce but still juicy meat intrigues me!
  3. I haven’t made any fun drinks in awhile, but this looks like a tasty drink for cold or warm weather. It seems fancy, but isn’t too fussy.
  4. Buttermilk in a bundt cake is not something I have tried before. This looks like a slightly less rich pound cake. What do you think?
  5. A friend made this and it looked so good…even though I am not a banana in my recipes type of girl. I only make banana bread for my dad…I wonder if he would like a chocolate version?

I hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of favorites! Stay tuned as I adjust to cooler weather and the Fudgelet’s second (!?!?!?) Halloween! What should he be this year?

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