Fudgelet Food: Part 3, Frozen Yogurt Melts

Before the Fudgelet was even eating solid food, I heard of making yogurt melts. A mom had shared a Pinterest picture where someone piped out small bits of flavored yogurt and froze them for her baby. I attempted it once he started eating food, but he did not care for yogurt at all, and I was not going to waste my time with the piping. I didn’t want to waste the yogurt mixture I had made, though, so I ended up filling some silicone molds with it. Lo and behold, a few months later he loves them, especially the ones from the Lego people mold I have. So, I am sharing what worked for me and how you can alter it for your own taste buds.



Directions for Frozen Yogurt Melts

  • Yogurt (I use full-fat, plain Greek yogurt because the fat is supposed to be good for babies…and it is creamier!)
  • Fruit (Berries, mango, banana, etc.)
  • Juice (optional, but you can use cranberry, orange, pineapple, etc. to help sweeten)

Basically, scoop about equal amounts of fruit and yogurt into a blender and puree until smooth. Taste and see if you want it to have more or less of a yogurt flavor. You can add a bit of juice to help sweeten it, but you can also add more fruit if you have it.

Once the flavors are as you like them (you can also have your baby taste the non-frozen mixture to see what they think–the yogurt taste will be less strong when frozen, fyi), then you can pour the mixture into your molds. You will want to use silicone molds to easily unmold the melts. Also, don’t use big molds because then it is hard for the child to hold them. As I said above, the Lego mold I used worked really well.





They do make a bit of a mess…





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