Friday Favorites 12

I am writing this one after a rough patch of sleep from the Fudgelet. He did not want to go to sleep last night, and he took a while to go down each time he woke up…including at 5 am where I didn’t get him back to sleep until 7 am. That was tiring. And then we slept in a bit as a result, which threw off our day. Then, I didn’t get him down for his nap until the middle of the afternoon. After much crying. And both of us getting hungry again. And me just being frustrated because he normally goes down much easier for sleep and each time has been a battle. Okay. /endrant as they say. At least he is finally asleep and I get a chance to do some blogging.


Yeah, two Fudgelet pictures today. The first one is just a favorite because I like his eyes in it. So big. And it also shows the teething going on. So. Much. Teething. After that first tooth, we had a lull, but the stranger at the store was right–they’re like popcorn as they come in back to back to back now.

Friday Favorites-001

Speak of the…baby… 🙂 What has he been up to? Well, I’ve been getting him used to wearing shoes. Would you have realized it could be so difficult for some kids? I never thought about it, but I guess wearing light weights on your feet while you walk does seem tricky and not much fun. It took almost an hour of him wearing them before he finally was happily walking around in them. Before that, full tantrums with tears. My friend let me borrow a pair to try, since I wasn’t sure what style would be best for him to wear (and the shoes are pricey!). The pair she let us borrow worked well, so now we need to get him a pair of his own in a slightly smaller size.


And to be clear, he has been fussing with sleep and with the shoes, but outside of that is still a bundle of smiles and laughs. Sooooo, when he gets on my nerves, pulls all of my strings, and I even lose my temper….I still love him and hope he knows that. But, geez, Fudgelet, can I get a break with sleep yet? 🙂

Friday Favorites-002

  1. To make everyone happier, here is a yummy sounding cake. Peanut butter. Chocolate. Peanut butter cups. Cake. Yep, a great combo!
  2. Brownie recipes are always fun to try. And I like how she experiments with her baking to determine the variables involved.
  3. I want to make some version of this. Some sort of meat filling with other stuff, maybe? It looks fun!
  4. These cookies are fun! Crumb cake in a cookie? I would just use regular chocolate instead of candy melts for the dipping since that’s what I keep on hand (and I think it tastes better), but otherwise, it is so straightforward and sounds delicious.
  5. I like this healthy dip, which could be a nice lunch food to share with the Fudgelet.

That finishes up the list for this installment. Tune in next time! It’s already September, which is crazy…I need to get in the Fall spirit, but I still want summer sunshine.

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 12

  1. I always feel like when someone is struggling I want to help, and all I can help you with from here is advice, but even that doesn’t help because every kid is different. So I’ll give support instead! It will get better. Hang tight. And close your eyes for a sneaky snooze whenever you can

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