Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Big Fudgelet Party

Ok ok, the final birthday post for the Fudgelet. I think. Unless there are more random surprise birthday parties popping up, haha. I did a lot of work for the party, starting with the invitations. I wanted to have a custom one since I had a certain theme in mind, and I also wanted to include a part for people to write a message for him when he is 18. I am saving his cards and some other mementos from his first year, and then when he is 18 I thought it would be nice to go through the stuff together. We can share with him the memories he wouldn’t remember, and he can decide if he wants to keep the items or not. Just a small box, nothing big. I might even add to it over the next few years. Who knows. Anyway, I never found an invitation that would work. Or, at least, one that was reasonably priced. So, I ended up buying blank cards, printing the written part (I had to send them to a store since our printer doesn’t do color), and assembling them myself. It took some time, but it was fun. I even had a picture mosaic for his first year.

Invitation Pictures1

What was the theme, you ask? Sunshine. And not “you are my sunshine,” although I had the idea initially. I decided to go with the Stevie Wonder sunshine song of “you are the sunshine of my life.” K didn’t realize I was also being punny with the whole sun/son thing until the day before the party. Oops. I thought Sunshine would be an easy theme to buy things for it. Lots of yellow, pictures of suns, etc. Well, it turns out that there aren’t many sun-themed items in the stores near me. I ended up buying some stickers online, and then bringing in the yellow and sun on my own.


One way was with the cheese plate. Cheesy, maybe. Easy, yes. 🙂


Yellow was the theme of the day, down to my signs to say what some of the food items were….oh, and speaking of detail-oriented. I may or may not have posted menus.


I was more concerned that with taking care of a baby, and having so many guests, people might not know what we had.

I also shared what was in their goodie bags, and made sure they took them home since I put a lot of effort into them.


The basket was for cards and the messages. The treats (sorry for the cropping, but I am trying to keep names anonymous) included homemade vanilla extract, sugar cookies, and stay up all night cookies (I will be sharing my recipe for them eventually, I hope!).


Some of these made their way into the bags. My first time decorating sugar cookies with layers of icing and using “flooding.” It was actually quite fun, and I hope to do it again soon!


The cake was from Costco, and it was not custom made. They happened to have one with a big happy sun on it! Yay! Notice that the sticker says chocolate filling? Mhmm. I tried to find one with vanilla in case people wanted a non-chocolate dessert (besides the blueberry muffins). I couldn’t find one. Then, we cut into this one and bam! Vanilla all the way. Crazy!


K made the fruit platter look beautiful. I was trying to get the Fudgelet to nap at this point and would NOT have had the patience to make it look so pretty.


And of course the deviled eggs also fit the sun theme nicely…


I was really excited when I found these cupcake wrappers. I didn’t do the best job on my non-rose-topped cupcakes. I should have smoothed them out a bit more, but I was still recovering from my stomach bug and didn’t have the energy.

And of course….the star of the day had to show off his yellow…


4 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Big Fudgelet Party

  1. My husband would have devoured those eggs! Can’t wait to see the Fudgelet themes in future years. I think I’ve done 3 Star Wars parties (and there are likely more in my future)

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