Friday Favorites 11

We are getting back to the start of a school year. All of the commercials with school supplies, television shows will be starting new seasons, cooler weather will be coming…but not just yet. Right now we can still enjoy summer and the extra sunshine it brings. How will you spend your days?

Friday Favorites-001

This was from the Fudgelet’s birthday. He was having some fun rolling and crawling over the giant panda.


Friday Favorites-002

1. We buy flank steak regularly because it makes for a good stir fry. I like that this recipe not only uses something we have on hand, but also just sounds really delicious. Fajitas are a fun meal, and I want to think of a way of doing this without a grill (since we don’t own one, and there are days you wouldn’t want to be outside grilling anyway).

2. You know I love chocolate and peanut butter, and you might have noticed that I love desserts in skillets. These two have united in this recipe which looks not too complicated, and so perfect with the ice cream on top. She even gave topping suggestions. Sigh.

3. This looks so cool, and I like that it can be prepped the day before you want them. Croissant muffins. With a pasta machine. What? So intriguing!

4. I’ve been loving my slow cooker since becoming a parent. So easy, and here is a dessert for it!

5. A large cookie that is the size of a cake? Not quite a skillet cookie, but almost the same idea. I would like to see how this compares to other chocolate chip cookie cakes I’ve made.

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