Friday Favorites 10

This is a sweet week of links. Not on purpose…just the way my sweet teeth work, haha. The difference this week, is that I actually have made 2 of the recipes previously! Here is a sneak peek:


Keep reading to see the rest of the pictures from that recipe!

Friday Favorites-001


This one has three people in it! It is a picture from when we visited Maryland. We had a cookout (do you call it a cookout or barbecue? there was some discussion on this topic…it seems like my slightly Southern background is showing–oops!) and got to see most of my family. Anyway, K took this picture mid-storytelling. Apparently the Fudgelet and I share the same look of “puh-lease.” 🙂 And, the cute guy in the back? That’s a painting of my dad! Back in the day, his father would help out immigrants trying to learn English and get citizenship here. One guy was an artist who paid him by painting this picture of my dad. The guy became a successful local artist, which I think is really cool.


Friday Favorites-002


1. This is one I am not sure if my Dad would like. He does like banana bread, so banana muffins would be just a slight departure. I will have to get some input from him to see if he would like these for a monthly treat.

2. Now this recipe I actually made because I had some frozen egg whites I wanted to use. My friends really enjoyed them, although K was less a fan. I think the chewiness from the meringue in the cookies was not his favorite texture.

3. These butterfinger cookies might not look as amazing as some of Sally’s other cookies, but they still sound tasty and so convenient! Ready in 15 minutes, she says! Oooo. I like the sound of that.

4. Clearly you need another chocolate/peanut butter recipe this week, and this one is it. I am hungry just looking at it, but unfortunately am nowhere near my kitchen to make it. Sigh. Someone make it for me and send it over?

5. This is another recipe that I actually made already. It was awesome for K because it was super eggy, and I liked that I could make it in stages. David Lebovitz says that you can’t store leftovers, but I halved the recipe and still had a large portion left. So, we decided to try storing it since we were too full to finish it. It seemed wasteful to throw it out! It ended up being fine–it lost some of the crunchiness from the caramel, but it still tasted good to us. Here are some pictures from it…oh, and I totally served it over pound cake. Best idea ever. 😉









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