Tips-y Tuesdays: Storing Cilantro Longterm

Have you ever had a bit of cilantro leftover and wanted to use it before it went bad, but didn’t have a need for it? Or maybe another fresh leafy herb like basil? I came across this idea awhile ago, and then prepped the cilantro awhile ago, but didn’t use it immediately. I discovered that it worked in a pinch (pun intended) for this chicken recipe. I decided to pass along the tip here for others who might be interested.


Basically, wash and chop the herb as you would if you wanted to cook with it. Then, take an ice cube tray and portion out the chopped herb into the holes.


Pour water into each to fill up to the top. Freeze. Then, when frozen, remove from the tray and store in a freezer bag.


Make sure to label your bags for easy use later! (Especially if you make baby food like I do, and it could look like frozen spinach–haha!)


Now, when you are cooking a recipe and want to add the herb, you can just toss it in like fresh. Just make sure that it has time to warm up since it is frozen. It doesn’t work for a fresh application, like cilantro in salsa, but it is great for soups, stir fries, etc.

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