Cookie Butter Cheesecake

One of my weekly follows is Bake at 350’s Sweet on Trader Joe’s posts. She and her son pick out a new treat each week and review them. In general, I have agreed wholeheartedly with their favorites, so I look forward to what goodies I should pick up from there! Well, I was catching up on all of the older posts in the series and came across the cookie butter cheesecake. That sounded delicious. I rushed to Trader Joe’s and searched frantically, but to no avail. Where was it?? I ended up asking the cashier who said it was a seasonal item. As in, only around Christmas time. What? Boo! So, I decided to make my own version.


Since then, I notice they have cookie butter cheesecake bites in their frozen aisle, but that’s not as impressive as pulling out a whole big cheesecake. So, I made a whole big cheesecake.




I’m not sharing a full recipe today since it is based off of the cheesecake recipe I shared previously. The only differences are the cookie butter topping, the crust, and the exclusion of chocolate.

Well, I still had to throw on some chocolate, haha.

Well, I still had to throw on some chocolate, haha.

Let’s start with the crust….I used graham crackers with some Speculoos cookies I had. Next time, I might do all Speculoos, but it could also be fun to do it with a chocolate crust. Really, you can make it however you like. Speaking of graham cracker crusts, this post might be really helpful for you. Sally explains why you would want to use a homemade crust over the store ones, and does a great job explaining how to make one. Really handy!

After the crust, I made the cheesecake batter the same as before, but even easier than last time…I just left out the chocolate. Just for kicks, I tried overmixing it to see what would happen. It did get super crazy fluffy, which is interesting, but really hard to serve! So, next time I would stick to the mixing times. I might go for one extra minute just to see if that is a pleasant hybrid between dense and overly fluffy cheesecake.


Finally, after the cheesecake had chilled, I prepared the topping.


This is the completely new part…

I simply melted 8 Tablespoons of cookie butter with a smidge of oil over low heat in a saucepan.


After it was smooth and liquidy, I quickly spread it over the top of the cheesecake. You need to work quickly because otherwise it will start to warm the cheesecake too much, making it hard to spread. Then, I again let it cool.


For added fun, I melted some chocolate (again with a smidge of oil to make it easier) and drizzled it on top.


I made this back in February for Valentine’s Day. (I’m still catching up on sharing recipes here!) So, I had to add a little extra pizzazz with my chocolate…


The added fun at doing older recipes? Seeing the Fudgelet pictures from that day. He wasn’t able to stand very long yet, and needed some help. Too cute! It’s already getting hard to remember him at that age.


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