Topic-Changing Thursdays: Dear Fudgelet, Part 3

Dear Fudgelet,

It has been awhile since I last wrote to you. We are getting dangerously close to your first birthday, and I just can’t believe it. No way has it been a year! Really? I mean, yes, there has been so much that has happened, but at the same time, I still look at you and think back to being pregnant. Although it is getting hard to remember being pregnant. Probably a good thing if I ever want to give you a sibling, haha. Did you know there are women who enjoy being pregnant? I didn’t hate it, but I am truly not one of those women.


Anyway….where was I? A year. Yeah. I’m sort of believing it because I’ve started getting ideas together for your party, but other than that…no real idea what to expect. Are there fun things you would like to do while still a baby? Maybe certain activities aren’t “cool” for toddlers? You should try to let me know. According to my friends, you’re going to adopt a ‘tude and start throwing tantrums. I sure hope not. But at the same time? It’s kind of a toddler thing, so I will try to be okay with it. I mean, hey, I’ve been okay with you not sleeping well, so I should be able to handle a few tears.


As of now, you still have no teeth, so I’m not sure what food will look like for your toddler years. I’m hoping you will be able to eat more food with us. Recently I made scrambled eggs with ricotta and you loved them. It was so fun for all three of us to eat them together. Speaking of fun, you’ve been having a blast lately. If being a toddler means your personality gets ramped up, I am excited for your sweet happy self to get even happier. You love waving, laughing, and dancing. I hope you always are so happy. And when you’re not? I’ll still be there with a hug.


Thank you for being a good first baby. I’ve had to learn so many things through you and with you. In general, you’ve been quite understanding. Even when it used to take me forever to change your diapers. Or figure out how to hold you for breastfeeding. Or hold you and not worry about dropping you. Or giving you a bath on my own. Yeah, those things are all so easy now.


I hope you have enjoyed these months as much as I have. Soon we won’t be talking months, but years. And that is almost as scary as thinking about a second kid. Haha. I would write more…but you just woke up from a long nap. I had better go praise you!



2 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: Dear Fudgelet, Part 3

  1. He is going to treasure these letters one day and you’ll love re-reading them over the years. It really is hard to believe he’s almost a year old! But, on the other hand, can you even remember your life before him? LOL

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