Friday Favorites 8

We are getting close to Father’s Day. K said he didn’t want anything. No big fuss, etc. His family was never big on celebrating holidays, so celebrating the smaller ones like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day seems weird for him. I get it. I do. But he still doesn’t fully get that I like celebrating him. So, while I won’t do anything big, because after all, he has a birthday next month I need to do more preparing for…and the Fudgelet does, too…omg, I can’t keep up with this…I still plan on doing a little something. Some small ways to say thanks for being a good dad. For working a stressful job with looooong hours, but still finding smiles for your family. For creating new ways of playing with old toys. For cooking dinner. For doing the dishes even on nights when you made dinner. For Sunday drives when the Fudgelet falls asleep 5 minutes from home, and you don’t want to risk waking him or ruining his nap. For providing half of the cuteness of the Fudgelet. For taking him in the morning after a rough night so that I can get a little more sleep. For many things. So, today’s links are potential ideas for K. So, K, you can peek at these and let me know if you have a favorite, or you can be surprised. You’ve been warned. 😉

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