Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 10 Months Old!

What another month it has been! The Fudgelet crawled through this past month at a very fast speed. Two digits? Two months until his first birthday? Two months to plan a party for him? Oops! Actually, no, I have thrown around some ideas, and even starting pinning some on Pinterest. My main focus has still been sleep. Always sleep with this one. Speaking of, I am probably due to have another letter to him about this. Just in case he needs a reminder later of why I am crazy…lack of sleep will do that.



This past month, he had a visit from K’s parents, and mine are coming this weekend. He started learning some new tricks with K’s parents, mostly working on his wave.


He won’t wave for me, but I guess it makes sense since I’m always around. Sometimes he has started waving both hands, which is pretty cute, too.


Along with throwing his hands up comes dancing. When we play music, or start dancing ourselves, he will dance, too. He will even turn on his music toys and dance. Unfortunately, pictures can’t do that justice, so you will have to take my word for it.


The box above is one of his favorite toys right now. He will go turn it on, then move to a standing position and start dancing. When the song stops, he will go and turn it back on again. Sometimes he drums as well, or “sings”.


Right before K’s parents visited, I taught him how to climb the stairs. He doesn’t do it regularly, and he gets distracted, but he can do it. Another trick has been playing with his basketball hoop. I like the picture below because it looks like he is doing it without looking.


Again, he doesn’t always make the basket, and sometimes he would prefer to suck on the ball instead of dunking it, but still. Progress!


Speaking of sucking on things, K decided it would be fun to let him suck on an apple. He still doesn’t have teeth, so alas, he cannot eat a raw apple. He can eat steamed pieces of food, like sweet potatoes, though.


He can also drink from a straw cup and drink from a cup if I hold it for him.


Along with these new skills, the Fudgelet has also maintained his personality.


Some sass…


a heavy amount of silliness….


a bit of pizzazz…


and all of the sweetness. I look forward to seeing what this next month brings!

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