Ciabatta Garlic Bread Pizza

I had never made ciabatta before this, and it is so easy! There was a small snafu with the dough being too runny, but adding a bit of extra flour worked just fine. So, I consider this practically fool-proof. Plus, there is the added bonus of being able to make it ahead, making a pizza night even easier! You could totally make this bread and then turn it into pizza later that night, or the next day. The garlic/butter mixture will definitely keep the bread soft and pillowy.


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Friday Favorites 5

Today is one of the Fudgelet’s friends’ birthday, and it is also the Friday after my dad’s birthday, so let’s have some Friday love! And for my non-dessert fans out there, I have even included some savory links this time! Hehehe. To be honest, I think what happens with the savory recipes I find is that I end up actually making them and then (hopefully) share them in a blog post of their own. For desserts, I don’t make them as often, so I have more to share and crave. Soon, I have some slow cooker recipes I can share…eventually…when the Fudgelet has a consistent schedule…you know, when he is 18 and in college.

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Quick Cheesesteak Subs

Today is my Dad’s birthday! I have been treating him to desserts each month for a few years now, but unfortunately I have been slacking this past year. It’s been harder than I realized to send treats 1) when I’m a new mom, 2) when I don’t visit home very often now, and 3) when there are snow storms that delay treats you do send. So, I am truly sorry, Dad, and hope to do better this year. It has also been crazy how fast the months have gone by. I’ve been trying to set more of a routine for myself each week so that I can fit in my chores and tasks more easily. I had an old routine pre-Fudgelet, and now I need to make a new one. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. 😉


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