Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 9 Months Old!

The Fudgelet is now 3/4 of a year old. He has also been outside of my body longer than I carried him around. That switch over happened this past weekend (since he came a bit early). Time is still flying, but he has also been busy with his milestones. After last month when he started crawling, he was determined to continue his physical development. It all starts with this…



this is where we left off before, with his 8 Month pictures.

This photo shoot was challenging because he was moving all over the place. It meant that many snaps turned out like this one:


He just left everyone in his dust. Well, then he proceeded to discover all the corners of the house, including his toy corner.


Going and playing with the toys in the corner is fun, but it is easier to play with them in a different position. So, he started easing his way into it. It started with fancy planks.


Then there was kneeling…


Kneeling meant toys were much more easier to play with . He could use both hands, see the top of his activity table (a bit), and keep a better eye on me.


Not only could he pull up a bit, but he also discovered pushing off of structures, like his car…or me…


could help get him a bit taller. Next, he experimented with pulling a leg out…


There was also the goal of seeking out forbidden objects, previously hidden on the sofa.


Or just pulling all of the toys out of his bin, one at a time.


They say babies love sorting and stacking. Right now, mine just loves disorganizing and unstacking.


We continued crawling practice. Much of it was chasing K around on all fours through each room in the house. The Fudgelet also got some practice on the tricky hardwood floor. Now he follows me into the kitchen regularly and has to see what I am doing. He gets excited when I put him in his high chair and he can watch me cook.

Now, for his big goal…


Scaring me with falling, or standing and “cruising” (walking while holding on to objects)…you decide. I feel like he just wants to scare me sometimes. 🙂 It’s so hard to keep him from falling, but at the same time I know he has to fall a bit to learn how to handle himself. Yeesh.


No longer can I hide my electronics “out of reach” on the sofa. In fact, many objects have been relocated as he discovers them. Besides standing, he continues to talk, laugh, roll, bang his toys, clap, eat food (not allergic to peanut butter, thank goodness), and generally have a good time. As far as sleeping, I have to say I’m a bit tired of the subject–hahaha.

Stay tuned next month for his new skills…hopefully not walking yet, it seems too soon for that! But fingers crossed, he will still be having fun. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 9 Months Old!

    • To be honest, I can even enjoy the frequent wake ups. Maybe I’m too sleepy for some, but I do try to appreciate the moment and know that he won’t always be this small, or needing me in this same way. In fact, I already can’t get over how he fills my lap!

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