Topic-Changing Thursdays: Happy 3 Years!

No no, the Fudgelet did not spontaneously time travel and get much older. I’m talking about this blog! Apparently I missed my 3 year anniversary and didn’t realize it until two days later. This is what happens when you try to blog ahead, miss a week of working on the blog, and then check in to do some more posts. Sigh. Well…I must admit I forget the date each year and always have to look it up. For some reason, I keep thinking that my pie posts were at the start, and I knew I did them around Pi Day. Apparently I started a week early.

Not Anniversary Related, but this is a picture from the day :)

Not Anniversary Related, but this is a picture from the day 🙂

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to look at my stats and see what has been the most and least popular of what I’ve done, as well as share some of my posts I’m most proud of, to date.

Most Popular (not counting the home page, because that’s boring)

  1. Crumb Cake! Yeah, there are searches for this post regularly, so it’s not surprising. What is surprising is that I rarely make it. When I do, it’s almost always for my dad. 🙂
  2. Sticky Rice: This is actually a huge win for my husband and his mom since it’s their creation. I just blogged about it. It’s quite tasty, and hasn’t been on the blog that long, so it could soon be number 1! I need to have K make this again soon, now that I’m not pregnant and can eat Chinese sausage again.
  3. Buttery Vanilla Cake….this one has a long title which probably draws in a bunch of searches. You might want the cake, the frosting, the filling…who knows. It was delicious, and a part of my cake-learning process.

Least Popular

  1. Slow Cooker Beef Shortrib Salad: Really? This is one of my tastiest recipes, I think. But, that’s fine. I definitely plan on making the shortribs again and again, and I like having different ways to eat them.
  2. Cheese and Onion Bread: This might not be the prettiest bread, but boy was it tasty. It was soft, cheesy, and had a sweetness from the onions.
  3. Cranberry Scones: I do have lots of scone recipes on the blog, so it could be that people are going to the older scone recipes instead. But, don’t overlook this one. I love making and eating scones. Yum!

For posts I am proud of, any of my ice cream posts. Really. It was so exciting to learn how to make ice cream, and now I feel like I can make so many different kinds. I don’t even need a recipe most of the time. It’s also nice because K prefers my ice cream, and it makes me feel good when he likes a different ice cream and still says “buuuuut yours is better”.

I also am proud of my pasta posts. Learning to make pasta was fun, and again, I like that I don’t really need to follow a recipe anymore.

Do you have any favorite posts/recipes of mine? Thanks for reading and being a follower, whether it has been for 3 minutes, 3 months, or 3 years.


6 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: Happy 3 Years!

  1. Congratulations and happy 3 years of blogging! I really enjoy reading your posts so here’s to the next 3 years. Hug the little one for me.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON THREE YEARS!!! WOW!!! I can’t believe it’s been so long already, and you already have like five cookbooks worth of recipes! NICE JOB! Seriously cool work *_*

    I love that you highlighted those posts – all your ice creams are my favorite too!! And making pasta together is such a fun memory 🙂 We gotta do it again and teach Fudgelet!

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