Friday Favorites 4

I couldn’t leave you hanging without posting something about Pi Day. Even if Pi Day is tomorrow. Even if I haven’t made any pies for awhile…today’s favorite links are all round, in honor of the humble circle. As the Fudgelet’s toy remote says…”Today’s shape is…circle!”

I also have two pictures to share of the Fudgelet this week. One is him discovering my feet…and the other is him showing an interest in Mommy’s hobbies.

Friday Favorites-001



Friday Favorites-002

1. This first one actually is a pie, so if you are a traditionalist, then here you go. A Nutella and fudge pie. Chocolate pies are obviously my favorite kind.

2. Because you can never have too many chocolate chip cookie recipes, this one is one I need to try soon.

3. Cakes are also round, but this is not a cake for you. Unless you are an advanced baby. Or maybe you are just trying to be healthier in your older age. Then in that case, this is totally for you. It’s essentially a banana bread, in the form of cake, but even healthier. It’s meant as a smash cake for babies, which I think is awesome.

4. Another cookie recipe because I love cookies, and I love candy in my cookies. I don’t tend to have brownie mix on hand, so I would probably just make some fudgy cookies for the base, but the rest of it sounds and looks pretty tasty.

5. And, because I need to share another true pie and a chocolate/peanut butter one at that, there is this pie. I actually got really close to making it awhile ago, and then I don’t know what happened…I need to make it! It has marshmallows, too!?? I probably just bought the peanut butter cups then ate them because I have no self-control around them.


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