Friday Favorites 3

Continuing the Friday Favorites series today with some more fun links. The Fudgelet has been sleeping in all sorts of weird ways this past month. He has gone from crazy hourly awakenings at night, to not wanting to nap…or if he did, for something ridiculous like 11 minutes (does that even count!?)…or even more ridiculous, a 2.5 hour nap!? It has been hard to figure him out. During these odd times, I have been on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to pass the time while I wait for him to make up his mind–sleep? Yes? No? While I have been on my phone, I can’t bookmark my favorite recipes I see, so I have been emailing them to myself with the subject line “save” so that I can find them later. And it also lets me share them with you! I also feel bad that I can’t easily comment on my phone with different posts, so here is a chance to share some praise.

Back to the Fudgelet….

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