Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 7 Months Old!

Officially, he will be 7 months tomorrow, but of course I have pictures to show in the meantime. This month started off slowly. It didn’t seem like he had many milestones to work on, but then vroom! Along came sitting, almost-crawling, and lots of consonants. The other awesome bit of news from last month is the Fudgelet had his 6 month checkup, and although his weight stayed in the same percentile, and his head remained large (they had to measure it 3 times because they didn’t think it could possibly be that big), his height shot up! He is now in the 52nd percentile, which considering his parents (ahem), is impressive. Of course, most of that height could be head size, haha.


This past month, he has also started eating solid food. I will post more on that next week, but in the meantime, enjoy this picture of him after eating blueberries. I think it looks like funny facial hair.


At the start of 6 months, we were worried that he was behind on sitting. According to our baby book, he was supposed to have been tripod sitting at 5 months old. Well, he didn’t master that until 6 months, and then he was supposed to be sitting this month! (Or so we thought…) Here is an example of him sitting tripod style at his 6 month photo session…


Anyway, we worked on his sitting and gave him lots of practice. Over the course of a week, he went from struggling with the above position, to sitting for brief moments…


to eventually sitting on his own!


I still sit right near him to catch him, since he will occasionally lose focus and fall one way or another. If he falls forward, he catches himself right into a belly position, which is great. According to the doctor, his sitting is advanced, so all of our worries were for naught. Apparently “learning to sit” doesn’t mean “able to sit perfectly”. Oops! Oh well, at least he is able to do it, and enjoys seeing his toys from a new angle.



The Fudgelet also officially loves rolling onto his belly now. If I put him down on his back and surround him with toys (see above picture), he will flip over and begin moving around. He now has to re-learn how to roll onto his back again. We’re working on it, but he is less interested since he loves being on his stomach.

As the Fudgelet reached 6 months, his clothes started to get a little small. So, we bumped up to the next size, and he got to model some new (to him) duds. We have gotten so many hand-me-downs from people, which is awesome! Some new clothes, too, but mostly old this time.


Yeah, his jacket says “Awesome 24”, as in he is this cool 24/7. And I would know, since I am around him 24/7, haha. But, it’s fun. The Fudgelet definitely picks up on how I am feeling and can do his own version of kissing my face. It’s more like putting his open mouth on my cheek, but I can understand the sentiment. We think he is going to be a shy kid, so he often is quiet (or even upset) around people he doesn’t know very well, but we still get tons of personality at home.



The above picture was after he scooted around his play area. As of this week, he can only move backwards most of the time, but he scootches, pushing back with his arms. It’s surprisingly how well it works to get him around everything!




His other hobbies have been putting all things in his mouth, including his toes, ….


as well as reading. He loves books right now. I’ve been reading two each night, right before his dinner. Occasionally we read them other times during the day, too, but that’s our main reading time. He loves looking at the pages, helping me turn them, and grabbing at the pictures.



Skills we are still working on include standing while supporting himself…



and crawling! He has started getting into the crawling position, and is doing a bit of rocking. It’s very exciting!



I wish I could show you his talking, because it is awfully cute. He is making so many sounds, and keeps adding new consonants. So far, we’ve heard M, B, R, D, T, and Y. Occasionally some other sounds like S and W, but those are harder to catch. Stay tuned for next month. He may or may not be crawling by then!

Oh, and K has been teaching him proper gentlemen behavior. This was from Valentine’s Day. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 7 Months Old!

  1. Love seeing all the cute pictures and hearing about his progress and triumphs! Give him a long distance hug and kiss from me. xoxo (I’ll be in Maryland most of April, just in case you have any travel plans!)

  2. So cute! My little guy had brown cords just like those, so that pic takes me back. It’s cliche, but they do grow so quickly!

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