Friday Favorites 2

If you were here last Friday, then you saw I started a new series on the blog called Friday Favorites where I will share some favorites with you. On Fridays. I know, such a creative title–haha. Anyway, I have some more favorites to share. I am writing this while waiting for the Fudgelet to wake up from a nap, before we go for a walk. It is actually beautiful weather today. It’s supposed to become rainy in a couple days, and then last for a week. So, I am trying to make the most of this nice sunny weather.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. K and I aren’t necessarily traditional with our celebrations. We definitely take turns with gifts, and whatever we do is more spontaneous. Last year, we weren’t going to go out to eat but I left work wanting to go somewhere, so we went to a local fish restaurant and had a blast. This year, I know we will be staying in, but I just might make him some more hot chocolate with Kahlua, using the idea from a recipe I shared last week. He really liked it, and I can easily make a double recipe of the hot chocolate before spiking his cup. 🙂 In honor of the holiday, I am sharing some cozy, chocolatey, splurge recipes. And a cute baby picture. Just because. *Heart*

Friday Favorites-001

No Valentine’s Day pictures, unfortunately, because I couldn’t find a single outfit I liked at the stores. They had the hipster mustaches on a bunch (weird), tacky messages on others….and then the best ones were the girl outfits. Why can’t they make more cute boy clothes? Maybe I should have just put him in a dress. I’m sure he wouldn’t be upset 18 years from now, right?

So, instead, a picture of him staring into your eyes. Soulfully.


Friday Favorites-002


  1. This skillet cookie sounds good. I mean, brown butter and chocolate baked into a giant cookie? Yes. Definitely yes. There is something fun about taking recipes and baking them in a skillet.
  2. Maybe this particular recipe doesn’t make you think cozy and romantic, but we love Indian food, especially eating it at home. Fresh puffy bread to eat with it? That sounds like a great idea. I’ve made naan before, and I would like to try this style.
  3. Last week I talked about how I could share a chocolate and peanut butter recipe every week. Well, here is one for this week. A mug cake that would allow me to satisfy my craving with just a few minutes of notice.
  4. Italian food, even if it is Americanized Italian food is always romantic for us. Especially the Americanized variety since we love pizza and had it on our first date. So, that makes stromboli a perfect date night meal. I’ve never made it before, and I’m not entirely certain I’ve eaten it. I’ve had calzones, but maybe not this bread/cheese type of meal?
  5. Speaking of hot chocolate, I want to make this recipe, maybe with the Kahlua mentioned above, and pretend like we are back in NYC clutching a Jacques Torres hot chocolate, while eating one of his cookies, and holding hands with my sweetie.