Friday Favorites 1

After reading other blogs for awhile, I realized I enjoy seeing what other people have found and enjoy on the internet. Other recipes, funny jokes, inspirational quotes, etc. This might be something I do regularly, or not. It might get more structured in the future, or not. I just know that I would like to share some other interesting sites with you, and this is an easy way to do it! Hopefully you enjoy it.

Friday Favorites-001

Check out the personality in this kid! He loves playing with his dad when he comes home from work. So many laughs! (I’m jealous, buuuuut he has been babbling “mom” over and over, so I can’t be too jealous, haha.)


Friday Favorites-002

  1. These cookies with cookie butter sound tasty (bits of graham flavor? mmm) and I like that they don’t require refrigeration for those days when I want to just whip up some cookies and eat them almost immediately. (Which, honestly, is most days.)
  2. I could probably feature a chocolate and peanut butter recipe every week. They are always winners in my book. These bars drew my attention with the simple ingredient list and simple steps. It’s a very succinct way of getting your chocolate and peanut butter cravings satisfied.
  3. I feel like I should make this drink for K soon, especially with the homemade Kahlua I made him!
  4. This dish inspires me to make something similar with ground chicken. The eggs are mandatory.
  5. I’ve been reading every post from this blog. I finally got caught up. It’s fun seeing someone’s impressions of ATK and CI’s recipes.