Black and White Cheesecake

What I love about Dorie Greenspan’s cookbooks is that she has tons of recipes, and within those recipes are variations. So, you get to have fun while still following a basic course. I have made cheesecakes before, but never a plain one. This one has chocolate in it, but since you’re just stirring it into a basic cheesecake batter, I’m counting it as a plain one for our family. 🙂 I own two of Dorie’s cookbooks, and both are so full of recipes, that I feel like I can open the book at random and find another recipe I haven’t made yet. And, the recipes are usually ones I would enjoy to eat! (I have such a strong chocolate bias, that sometimes it is hard to break from that dessert mold.) One day, while looking through one of her cookbooks, I came across her cheesecake section and decided it would be fun to try one. And, since I hadn’t made a basic one before, I had no idea how simple the recipe was! Sure, it took time, and sure, I had to buy the cream cheese, but otherwise it was a very straightforward recipe. Even easier than cake! I always thought they were tricky to make.


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