Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 6 Months Old!

Can you believe it’s been half a year since the Fudgelet entered the world? I can’t, and I’ve been around him everyday. This month, it feels like not much has changed, but at the same time, he is making gradual progress with his milestones. I left off last month with his 4 Month photo shoot, so here is a picture from his 5 Month one.


He turned 5 months while we were away, so I actually took the pictures a week before he turned the official “150 days,” haha.


He got to see lots of new places this month! He missed some of his toys from home, including the better version of this bouncer, but he still had fun. When we came home, he was very excited to see his playmat.


He also got new toys to play with, and is getting better at playing with smaller objects.


Now that he is learning to sit a bit, he can play with new toys.


We’ve tried him in the Bumbo, but he isn’t completely confident in it yet.



And yes, his feet got bigger while we were away, so notice the heels of his socks are where his arches are. Oops!


Speaking of his feet, he likes grabbing them all the time now.


He is getting close to rolling, and even ended up on his belly in his crib…but hasn’t done it again with anyone to see it.

So close, Fudgelet!

So close, Fudgelet!



We’re still getting a big variety of facial expressions, which is fun for all of us.


He is pushing up higher and in more different ways while on his stomach, so we are wondering if he will crawl early.


We tried offering him some rice cereal, but he had too much trouble with the spoon. We plan on trying again soon.


Hopefully by next month I will have stories of rolling, food eating, and maybe even other mobile behaviors!



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