Spaghetti Carbonara

Last week was a sweet week on the blog: ice cream and pie. This week, I gave a brats recipe, and now a spaghetti one. I have made cheating versions of this recipe before. The whole raw egg thing scared me off previously. I would end up doing it all in the skillet to essentially cook the eggs and make a scrambled version. This time, I wasn’t pregnant and I have gotten over my fears of eggs. (Making ice cream will do that!) If you follow the directions, the eggs will be fine…but I still wouldn’t recommend it if you are pregnant/elderly/a small child/etc. You know, the standard undercooked food warnings. That’s part of the reason I waited this long. K was excited when he saw the main ingredients of bacon, cheese, and eggs. It is a rich dish, so it is a splurge, but I found I preferred smaller portions because it is so decadent.


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