Topic-Changing Thursdays: First Christmas with a Baby

We had our first Christmas with a baby. That sentence seems simple, but wow was it not simple. It was quite crazy going home for over two weeks to see as many people as possible. I don’t know who got more overwhelmed, me or the Fudgelet! We both had our shares of meltdowns, sleep deprivation, and laughs.


Our trip involved flying back, sleeping in a new place (he has only slept at our house since leaving the hospital!), meeting new people, driving to New York for a day, having some odd schedules, and being flexible. Without a doubt, the time we need to leave is when the Fudgelet takes his best nap.

Come on, Fudgelet! We want to go to Grampy and Bubby's house!

Come on, Fudgelet! We want to go to Grampy and Bubby’s house!

Packing extra outfits? Means nothing because he will spit up on all of them.


Items of note…

1. The Fudgelet fell asleep after a massive screaming fit (and poop incident) in his bouncer. Not a major deal, except when I add that the bouncer was in the bathroom. At the dentist’s office.


2. Watching everyone else react to his spit ups is amusing. You could tell who had been around him the longest by their reactions. (Dad, you’re getting to be a pro with it!)


3. Hats. There were lots of hats. So much so, that K made a photo album on Facebook devoted to the Fudgelet in hats. Some were store-bought hats, some were made by K’s mom. Some homemade ones were meant for him, some were decidedly not. Of those meant for him? Yeah, all too small. Kid’s got a big noggin!


4. The Fudgelet got baptized. And it wasn’t just any old Baptism. His godmother is one of my best friends who happened to have her baby two days after the Fudgelet. And she made me the godmother of her baby. We were in each other’s weddings…officiated by the same deacon who baptized the babies at the same church. Whaaaat? I know. Crazy. He said the kids were practically twins. Except hers is a red-haired super pale baby, and the Fudgelet is definitely a dark-haired, darker skinned kid. You know, “practically” twins. 😉


5. Oh, and along with the Baptism, the Fudgelet demonstrated his genes. Both his parents are talkers, and he would.not.stop.talking. Gurgles, raspberries, squeals, yeah…and he didn’t understand why we weren’t being noisy along with him. Not a big deal, except there were two other families (besides my friend’s), and they were not understanding of the Fudgelet. Lots of dirty looks in our direction.


6. I went through 3 boxes of Berger’s cookies during my visit, with some assistance from K. Cried a bit over their yumminess that I miss out in Seattle. Then cried some more when I found out that these other favorite cookies of mine are a local treat. I had casually looked in the stores for them but never saw the same kind. I thought I just wasn’t looking hard enough. Noooooo!

7. A rocker is super helpful for nursing. You don’t realize it until you’re stuck using a hard chair with no arms, or a bed that is too bouncy and soft.

8. Babies have a lot of stuff, but it is exacerbated by the fact that people love to buy babies a lot of stuff. Even knowing you have to take it back across the country with you, they can’t resist. Although, many did exercise restraint which was helpful. Two full carryons, two full checked bags, and we still had to leave stuff behind. Sigh. Stuff for our next visit I guess? (But we still love the gifts and are grateful, don’t get me wrong! I hope we can figure out a better solution for next time.)


All in all, a good trip. Wish we could have seen more people, wish the flight wasn’t so long, wish the Fudgelet would sleep better (will this ever change??), wish we could stay longer but also wish for my own cozy bed….he won’t remember this Christmas, but I think we have some fun stories to share with him when he is older.


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