Merry Christmas Eve 2014!

This year, we flew home extra early to celebrate the holidays with our family, and to introduce everyone to the Fudgelet! I am writing this ahead of our trip, so I am really anxious about how everything will be happening. By the time this post posts I will have already been there for over a week! But, we will still have another couple challenges: how will he do with a big Christmas party? How will he do when we drive several hours to NYC to see K’s extended family? Will we get good naps out of him there? So much uncertainty. Fingers crossed that it all goes well and that I will only be in a moderate state of panic at this point. 🙂


In the meantime, here are some Christmas pictures and a present idea.

For K’s birthday this year, I had the forethought to buy and wrap all of his presents well in advance of his birthday since the Fudgelet’s due date was just two days after K’s birthday. As it turned out, he arrived early, and I wouldn’t have had any time at all to wrap the gifts! Well, Christmas was quickly approaching this year, and I had not set aside any gifts for K. I instead had to rely on my fuzzy brain to get a few ideas. K’s gifts are very simple this Christmas, and hopefully he still likes them. I went ahead and gave him one since it was homemade and I thought it might be nice to enjoy some fresh, and then enjoy the rest when we return.


Any guesses?


Ok. Time’s up. It’s homemade Kahlua! I came across the recipe here and was excited to try it. Basically, you make a simple syrup with coffee and sugar, then steep it with a vanilla bean.




Finally, you stir in the rum. Ta-da!


For the bottle, I used a brandy bottle that was mostly empty. And no, I didn’t “finish” the brandy. I poured it into the vanilla bean bottle I had washed. And so the brandy is in the vanilla and the Kahlua is in the brandy, and then the rest of the rum…is still in the rum bottle.



So, there is one of K’s presents…as for the Fudgelet’s. Well. It’s kind of weird to get a present for your 5 month old and wrap it. Especially since we already buy him things…so, I might just wait and see what people give him, and then pick something for when we go back home. We already plan on having a second Christmas when we fly back. Probably New Year’s Eve, since it’s not like I will be up for celebrating midnight. (But I will be up repeatedly during the night, sigh.) We do plan on keeping our Christmas tree up a bit longer since we didn’t get as long to appreciate it.


I think this guy would approve.


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