Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 5 Months Old!

Weeeelllll. Not quite. The Fudgelet is turning 5 months this weekend. So, this is pretty close. 🙂 Anyway, you might have been wondering what he has been up to over this past month. It seems like the month has gone quickly! He has definitely been improving some of his previous skills. Now, I pretty much never need to hold his head. (This makes holding him much easier.) You can tell he is getting close to rolling from his back to his belly, but he just isn’t there yet.


In fact, I think the poor guy got a little behind on his progress because of another milestone he reached: his first cold. Ugh ugh ugh. K and I both talked about how horrible it was to have to watch him suffer. I mean, really. How cruel is it that he can’t talk to tell us what he needs, he doesn’t know how to blow his nose yet, most of the medicines out there are too old for him, he isn’t allowed to use pillows to prop his head up…I wish I could have had the cold for him! And every cold to follow.


The one thing that made us feel better about his cold is that he still was able to smile and laugh through it. And he always has a laugh for K. When he comes home from work, even with the Fudgelet felt miserable from his cold and was fussing, he turned on the charm for his Daddy! What was great around Thanksgiving K was home for the week. He still had to do work, but he could occasionally take a break and play with the Fudgelet. They had a blast!


As you can see, the Fudgelet is becoming much more focused on objects and what is in front of him.


Especially with his playmat…


One of his favorite toys is this ball because it is so easy for him to grab:


Unfortunately, he also likes to grab my hair. I guess he wants me to have the same amount of hair loss he has been experiencing.


That picture doesn’t even show how bad it’s gotten since! He keeps rubbing his head back and forth in his crib, which has caused quite the bald spot on the back.


K also thinks his hair is thinner in front, but I think his head has just grown faster than his hair. 🙂


We made a hand turkey with his hand outline, which then was used for his 4 Month pictures.


He is still giving us tons of smiles, and he tries to get us to laugh and smile, too.



This one is him looking at K when he walked by:


We’ve been enjoying our family time leading up to our big trip back to Maryland.


As we expected, the Fudgelet is a big fan of Christmas decorations, so it should be fun! I’ll fill you in after our trip to let you know how it goes.



4 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 5 Months Old!

  1. Wish I was home to see him! I moved to Atlanta too soon! Really enjoying the mild and sunny weather as opposed to cold and nasty. Can’t wait to see some Christmas pix!

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