Tips-y Tuesdays: Another Idea for Short Ribs

Let’s say you’ve made my short rib recipe and are looking for something else to do with it. You know about having it as a taco salad. You have tried it just with rice or other dishes, but you were intrigued by the idea that I talked about having it with noodles. Well, I went and did it!


I had time one day and decided to not only make it in a stew form, but to make the noodles myself. I followed my normal pasta recipe but only used my pasta machine for rolling out the pasta sheets. I cut the noodles by hand and made them quite wide. I did make sure to get them fairly thin with rolling so that they would not get too puffy in the soup.

All I did was…

  1. Take the leftover beef with all of the liquid and heat it up.
  2. Cook the pasta until al dente in salted boiling water.
  3. Drain the pasta, reserving some pasta water.
  4. Add the pasta to the stew.
  5. Lightly simmer the pasta in the stew for at least 10 minutes.


K ended up having to stay late at work, and then had car trouble, so I decided to push the meal to the next night. This was a great idea because it meant the noodles had an even longer time to soak in the broth. It made for a great soup, but was so easy since most of the work had been done ahead of time.

I would like to make the short rib recipe again, and again double it for the chance to make this soup. But, I’m thinking it might be fun to try it with a different cut of meat. Maybe something that wouldn’t be so time-consuming with the bones? I might consider another cut that is good for a slow cooker and see how it goes. Feel free to share ideas!

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