Topic-Changing Thursdays: The Fudgelet is 4 Months Old!

Wow. Time flies! I was just posting about the baby turning three months. And now he is 4 months old. Well, once again, I am writing this a bit ahead, so I am projecting a couple weeks into the future, but it doesn’t matter that much. ๐Ÿ™‚ After all, I still need to get you caught up from the last post! I never shared his two month or three month pictures, so I will do that here. You can also hear a bit about what he’s been doing, so continue reading if you’re interested!


So, from where we last picked up…we have some pictures from month two!


I actually can’t get over how much he has grown even from these pictures…


He has gained a couple pounds since then, and I can really see it! Besides getting bigger in size, his personality is really shining. He likes to be generous and wish people a happy birthday:


I think I should get bonus points for being able to do some Chinese characters now. My mother-in-law thought my husband wrote them!


There is always clowning around with Daddy, and just clowning in general.


Turning three months meant showing off tummy skills.



And posing for more smiles and laughs…



He also likes playing with his toys even more. The latest developments have come from rolling!


Turning to the side has become more natural…


But he can also (on occasion) roll from his belly to his back!


And I can’t call this a proper wrap-up of his progress without showing his Halloween costume:


Yep. Wonder Woman got together with Superman (not pictured, but behind the camera) to create Superboy.

Stay tuned for more Fudgelet updates! Next month I will have to share what happened with his first Thanksgiving and pictures from the next few weeks. And then we’re talking about Christmas!! Eek! (Scary because it will be our first flight with him.)


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