Tips-y Tuesdays: Plenty of Pasta

My cultural background is quite varied. To the point that I am not entirely sure of all of the countries my relatives are from. But, if I had to isolate a specific cuisine that we had the most, it was probably Italian. So, it is easy to classify me as Italian, even though I am not even quite half Italian. My husband obviously identifies as Chinese, since he is 100% so. As a result, we have lots of pasta and Asian noodles in the house at all times. Sometimes, though, we run low on one or the other. Well, I am here to tell you that you can definitely swap one for the other, depending on the situation.


I decided to do a remake of this Chinese recipe, but instead of using noodles, I decided to use some pasta. Basically, we had plain pasta leftover from an Italian meal, and we had eaten lots of pasta with tomato sauce. So, why not use the pasta in something else? K was skeptical, but it worked out. I added some leftover mushrooms I needed to use, too. Oh, and there was also corn. Because it was summer, and we were trying to get our corn in before it was done for the season.




It ended up really tasty, and it was nice to mix up an old recipe. Have you ever used pasta in place of noodles, or the other way around?



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