Guest Bloggers: Cooking for Aly

As promised on Monday, here is a follow-up to the visit from my dad and M. My dad said he had a question about the blog. I thought maybe he didn’t like something. It turns out, he wanted to write a post! And not only did he want to write it, but had already written it! Of course I said sure, so what follows is what he and my stepmother came up with. Enjoy!

You are being treated to two guest bloggers today – Dad and M (stepmom).  For those of you who have been following this blog, you know that after the Fudgelet was born, Dad and M came out to help where they could.  Here’s what they have to say.

We were so excited about the birth of the little Fudgelet.  We headed out to the west coast knowing we wanted to help out any way we could, but we weren’t sure exactly what we would do.  Once we got here, we decided we could take over the food arena.  We did the food shopping and the cooking.  Now, to give you a little background on us, we are not “top chefs.”  We enjoy our cooking, however, we are not very adventurous eaters.  To cook for Aly and her family was a bit intimidating – we wanted to try to make things the way she would (not necessarily the way we would at home).  Luckily, we had a guidebook!!  We decided to try to use the Fudging Ahead blog as our cookbook.

The first morning we were there, we woke up early, still being on east coast time (and, oh yeah, we weren’t up all night with a newborn!)  We decided to make pancakes.  In the interest of full disclosure, we must tell you that at home when we make pancakes, we….(shh..don’t tell!) use a box mix!  Shudder at the thought.  But we knew we could not bring instant pancake mix into Aly’s house.  Then we remembered that pancakes were included in the Fudging Ahead site.  We whipped out our iPad, searched the site – and we were off on our first cooking adventure!!

We located the ingredients, and remarkably could recognize the pots and pans to use from the blog photos.  We were amazed at how much better the pancakes tasted – and it wasn’t difficult at all!  Our advice – try the blog recipes here – if we can do it, anyone can!!

blog photos4

I had no idea they had used my recipe until they told me. They made such perfectly shaped pancakes! I think they were better than what I did.

blog photos3

Now, we were inspired – what else could we make??  Sticking with the breakfast theme, we tried waffles – again, success!  We also made some of our breakfast “specialties” – challah cinnamon French toast, mushroom omelets or just toasted some bagels.  We even made the pancakes a second time.  We felt good about breakfast.

So, what comes next?  How about lunch?  No huge successes here since everyone was sort of on their own – no one wanted to make a big deal out of lunch so it was catch as catch can (usually a sandwich of some type – or dinner leftovers).

Which brings us to dinner – yes, we did bring in some carryout food, and we did prepare some of our own standbys such as salmon and steak.  But we also ventured into Aly’s blog to try some other entrees.

Dad had been wanting to make tomato sauce but never seemed to find the time or nerve.  But we were here and Aly said it was easy.  So, we opened the iPad, looked up the recipe and dove in.  It wasn’t very hard and it was delicious!  We will certainly make it again at home.  Adding to our challenge was our decision to make Lulu’s baked ziti using the homemade sauce.  The result was outstanding!

blog photos

Thanks, Aunt Lulu, for the recipe!

We next decided to make a roast chicken.  Dad has experience cooking this so it wasn’t really adventurous.  Still, we used the Blog recipe and everyone enjoyed it, along with the roasted potatoes and vegetables.  We were hoping for leftovers for lunch but there really wasn’t much.

Possibly our bravest foray into the World of Fudging Ahead was to make stir fry.  This is because this is a family dish that K makes so well.  But we were feeling our oats (no, we didn’t use any J) and said we would try stir fry.  This included using a wok, making the sauce and trying to get everything ready at the same time.  It was also a modification to the blog recipe as we substituted chicken for the teriyaki beef.

blog photos stir fry prep1

blog photos stir fry prep2

blog photos stir fry prep3

What’s funny, is they had said chicken teriyaki and I was thinking “I wanted to redo my beef version with chicken, just for fun. I wonder if I could get them to do it?” Sure enough, they were already wanting to make it that way!

blog photos stir fry1

blog photos stir fry2

Perhaps K was being kind when he said it was good (maybe he was hungry because he had seconds) but it was fun to do and we thought it turned out pretty good.  (Of course, K took care of making the rice in the cooker.)

All in all, success in the food category!  We had fun, but really enjoyed our time with the Little Fudgelet!  Can’t wait to visit soon!

us & Teddy

So fun to have them visit and be guest bloggers. Also, the Fudgelet has not been able to fit into that outfit for over a month now. How crazy is that!? He is getting so big so fast!

11 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers: Cooking for Aly

  1. Having some time on my hands, while waiting for L to finish his colonoscopy (Ugh!!!), I took my I pad to entertain myself. In doing so, I was reading my emails, when I came upon Aly’s blog. What a great delight to read and smile and enjoy the guest cook. It was so much fun to see family enjoying family and sharing the love of cooking. Everything looked so good!!!!! Yummy!!! Can not wait to visit and create another guest cooking blog sometime soon. Of course, I will try to make my famous rosemary pork tenderloin.. Aunt V

  2. Nice to read your Dad’s blog entry and the picture of the Fudgelet with him and M is so cute! I’ll be selling the house next week, God willing, and moving to Atlanta in mid-November. Can’t wait to retire and get outta Dodge! I’ll miss getting to meet the Fudgelet though if you’re here at Christmas. Guess I’ll just have to come visit one of these days!

  3. Aw, this is the sweetest post ever! So nice to see the love for a new baby, a blogging daughter and … Pancakes! I go for my first colonoscopy in a month. Little did you know you’d be encouraging discussion of that with your blog, eh Aly?

  4. I am M’s brother’s step mother-in-law Pam! Now that’s a mouthful ( what a relevant comment)!!!!!! Anyway , I just read R and M’s blog entry and I thoroughly loved it!!!!!! I got a good chuckle!

    Congratulations on your new beautiful baby!!!!!

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