Guest Cooks: Teriyaki Chicken

About two months ago, when my dad and M were visiting to help us with the Fudgelet, they made us lots of meals. They had certain dishes they felt comfortable making, and then they decided to branch out and try some new things. I actually am proud of them for expanding their horizons when they visit us. We’ve gotten them to try a few new places they wouldn’t have even considered previously (and they really liked them!), and also some new food. Because we couldn’t easily go out with the baby, most of the experimenting this time was with recipes.


I was going to share more about their visit, but I’m leaving that for Thursday with a special post.

K and I had thought about redoing my beef teriyaki with chicken sometime. They decided to try it this visit. You can follow the same recipe on the beef teriyaki page, but just swap in some chicken. We also changed it by cutting the chicken into small pieces at the start, unlike the beef.

When they made the recipe, I asked if they could document it for the blog, since I had wanted to make it myself and now I could taste it without doing any work! These pictures are all ones they took during the process.


My dad chooses to use scissors to cut the chicken thighs. He said they can be more precise for trimming and cutting than a knife. Good tip if you have had trouble using a knife for this job!



There was much meat cutting.


And sauces/marinades to be made…



Don’t you like the measuring spoon below? I hadn’t used them before but had them in the drawer. So, my guest chefs were trailblazers for these spoons.


Cooking the chicken…



More sauces…


Then finishing the chicken in the sauce…


And serving!



They even cooked asparagus the way I do it





And in case you were wondering…they really did take pictures of everything. Just in case. Including the ingredients they needed…


The cutting board setup I use for raw meat…



And their device for following the recipes…


Thank you, you two, for the pictures and hard work!

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