Topic-Changing Thursdays: Sprinkles are Pretty

When I tell people I have a food blog, I try to frame it by saying I am not a good food stylist. Or a good food photographer. I bought my first digital camera right near the end of college. For years, I had been a member in an online art community, and I carefully researched and gathered tips from the photographers on what to look for. At the time, a 4 megapixel camera was amazing. I found a Kodak one for a good price, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. One day I even went with my dad to the store to check it out. He finally convinced me to buy it. He sad it was a good deal, and even though I only had some money put away for it, my parents would pay for the rest and I could pay them back. My birthday was shortly after, and they ended up telling me that it was part of my birthday present, and I didn’t need to pay them back. So sweet! I took so many pictures with that camera.


Eventually, K bought me another camera because he felt my other one was too big. It had also gotten a bit out of date, although I still liked that it had an actual viewfinder, and didn’t just rely on a screen, which is hard to see in bright daylight. Even more recently, K bought another camera, slightly bigger than the more sleek one he had bought me, but still much smaller than my Kodak. We use it for all of our picture needs (family pictures, parties, vacations, etc.) but I use the first one he bought me for my food pictures.


I actually feel that I am worse with photography now that I have better cameras. Sure, I can get some pictures to turn out, but my first Kodak (and my film cameras before that) taught me how to frame a shot carefully, work on lighting, etc. The new cameras can take decent pictures without much effort, which has made me lazy. I also am still nostalgic for the first camera since it was my first, and it helped lead me down this path.


Are there devices or items you are nostalgic about? I tend to get attached to inanimate objects easily, so maybe it’s just me!


By the way, these are funfetti cupcakes I made when we were celebrating our new patio set with some friends. It was also the same day our air conditioning broke after I had been running the oven for a while making these, roasted chicken, and heating pizza. Ugh. Luckily we were able to get it fixed the very next day.


These are some shots I really enjoyed. If I have time and daylight, I still can get a bit inspired with my shots. It’s hard at dinner time to carefully frame a picture for the blog. I just want to sit down and eat the food!


2 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: Sprinkles are Pretty

  1. That’s a gorgeous cupcake picture! My pictures are quite uncreative because I find that the best light is in front of one particular window we have — I saw a pro food photographer speak, and she said she photographs all in studio using mostly light filtered through her window that takes up a whole wall. In my house with its little windows, though, this means that nearly every time I take a picture it’s of a plate balanced on my kids’ blue play kitchen just above the windowsill. Maybe some day I’ll live in a glass house (let’s hope no one has stones to throw…)

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