Topic-Changing Thursdays: Sprinkles are Pretty

When I tell people I have a food blog, I try to frame it by saying I am not a good food stylist. Or a good food photographer. I bought my first digital camera right near the end of college. For years, I had been a member in an online art community, and I carefully researched and gathered tips from the photographers on what to look for. At the time, a 4 megapixel camera was amazing. I found a Kodak one for a good price, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. One day I even went with my dad to the store to check it out. He finally convinced me to buy it. He sad it was a good deal, and even though I only had some money put away for it, my parents would pay for the rest and I could pay them back. My birthday was shortly after, and they ended up telling me that it was part of my birthday present, and I didn’t need to pay them back. So sweet! I took so many pictures with that camera.


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