Tips-y Tuesdays: Homemade Egg McMuffin

Do you like fast food? I had some growing up as a special treat, and then none for a while. Since being with K, I have definitely had more fast food. Part of it is airplane travel. At an airport, you’re often left with fast food options in a hurry. Sure, I can pack food, and I do sometimes, but it’s hard when you’re essentially travelling all day for good food to keep well that long. One of the funniest things is that K can tell you exactly where McDonalds (and often other fast food places, too) is in each of the airports we travel through. He used to frequent them often when he would visit me, and sometimes still goes now. Especially for breakfast!


Even though my family never did much fast food growing up, we did love the Egg McMuffin. I still get it now, but I get it meatless since I’m not a big fan of what they put on it. All I need is the English muffin, egg, and cheese to be happy. K also likes them, so I was inspired to make him a homemade one. I even made a recipe I’d wanted to try for a while: English muffins! You don’t need special equipment for them, which is great. I always thought you needed special rings or something. Mine weren’t perfect looking, but for a first effort I’d say they turned out well!


What put my sandwiches over the top (besides the ham we had removed from a Hawaiian pizza since I couldn’t eat it) was forming the eggs in the proper shape. It took me a few tries, but I found the correct size ring that would allow the egg to cook through, but not be too big for the muffin. The other step I forgot initially was to spray the ring before using it. I had the perfect looking egg, until I tried to flip it.

So, I put the ring in my preheated cast iron skillet, then cracked the egg into it.


I added seasoning and let the egg cook for a few minutes. Then, when it was set around the edges, I removed the ring with tongs.


Using a spatula, I flipped it to make sure I cooked both sides.


I know there are ways of cooking it through without flipping, but I wanted to make sure the yolk wasn’t runny.

The other bonus to homemade ones? Adding extra ham for K. He requested 3 slices.


I also used fancier cheese. We’ve discovered K likes Gouda. Cheddar would also be yummy.


3 thoughts on “Tips-y Tuesdays: Homemade Egg McMuffin

  1. I love egg mcmuffins! And something strange — I’ve developed an intolerance to eggs and get terrible stomach cramps if I eat them straight up, but a McDonald’s egg mcmuffin gives me no problems. I should try cooking yours and see how it goes!

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