Topic-Changing Thursdays: Ice Cream Cake in a Hurry

The Fudgelet‘s due date was two days away from K’s birthday, which meant that they could have had the same birthday. That could be cute, but it was also going to make celebrating K’s birthday tricky this year. I had already prepared by buying all of his presents early. I even had them wrapped over a week early. This was fortunate, since the Fudgelet arrived over a week early himself. My dad and M arrived on K’s birthday to help out, so I knew we would be busy that day. K had to pick them up from the airport, and then the rest of the day would be filled with feedings, planning dinner, etc. So, I had him open his gifts the night before. It was nice because he was able to put some of the gifts to use right away. For instance, I bought him a bunch of new T-shirts, which meant he had more to change into after baby spit-up events. 🙂


The day after his birthday, I recruited my dad to make us steak for dinner. K loves steak, so I figured it could be a late birthday dinner for him. I then decided to whip up an ice cream cake after M asked me if K has a favorite treat. I’ve made him ice cream treats before, so I knew what to do.

1) Make an Oreo crust


2) Melt the ice cream flavors


3) Spread each ice cream flavor, let it freeze, then add some Oreo bits before repeating with each flavor



4) Top with some sort of whipped topping (we had leftover Cool Whip in the fridge I could use)

Well, I hadn’t planned my day super well (partly because I didn’t plan on making the cake until that afternoon). This meant that the layers didn’t get a chance to harden before I added the next one. I also wasn’t super careful about keeping the pan flat in the freezer, which meant the layers intermingled a bit. It led to a fun messy cake. Luckily, it still tasted good. What’s funny is that K kept walking around while I assembled it, but didn’t realize until I served him the cake that I was making him a dessert. I love it when he’s unaware for my surprises. I wasn’t even trying to hide it!


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