Topic-Changing Thursdays: Good People

One of the things you don’t think about until times are a little rough is how many kind people there are around you. Having a baby is one of those rough times, especially when the baby arrives unexpectedly early!


We’ve had so many people help out over the last few weeks, and we’re so grateful. We even have more help arriving in a couple weeks because my in-laws will be staying for a short bit to (obviously) see the baby, and help around the house. Mostly, cooking. Having K at work and me busy feeding the baby every 2-3 hours means that I don’t have quite as much time for cooking. It will be such a big help to have meals ready for us. During the first week, K actually made our first dinner using a recipe I had planned on making.


Then, the rest of the nights that week we were fortunate to have such kind neighbors. They had company over that week and she sent us the leftovers each night, which was well-received! At the end of that week, my dad and M arrived, which meant we again had people cooking for us. During the time after they left until the time when we expect K’s parents, we have been doing a bit of cooking, as well as using freezer meals I had prepared ahead of time. One of my friends from back in Maryland was sweet enough to send us a meal from Omaha Steaks. She said since she couldn’t be near us to cook a meal, this was the next best thing. How thoughtful!


Outside of the cooking and food gifts, we have also received so many gifts from friends and family. I thought we received a ton during the showersΒ we had, but it turns out people want to send more gifts post the arrival. So much clothing, as well as some gifts, sweet cards, and even some money to help with all of the other necessities (hello, diapers!). We’ve had fun taking pictures of the Fudgelet with all of the different items, although it was easier the first few days when he was still sleepy most of the time (where did that time go?).


My brother and sister-in-law gave us the bouncer before the baby arrived because they loved theirs for their son. So thoughtful!

One of my best friends sent a care package specially themed to coincide with part of the origin of Fudgelet’s name, and partly to please his chocolate-loving mother.


When my dad and M were here, it was super nice to have people to give a fussy baby when all you want to do is take a shower or maybe a nap. They claimed they didn’t help very much, but I beg to differ. My mornings were so much easier with them here. And evenings, too! I swear Fudgelet waited to act up once they left, *harrumph*. But when they were here, M was particularly good at calming him when he was screaming his loudest. And they were good at calming me when I was crying the hardest. πŸ™‚


There is an awesome mom in my neighborhood who hilariously has left gifts on my porch. She didn’t want to disturb us, but “couldn’t resist”. Her gifts have been great (so much newborn clothing, which has been helpful with our spitting up son who is still wearing newborn clothes since he is on the petite side), but what I have really appreciated is her humor. There were some tough days with the Fudgelet at the beginning. Nothing serious, but a little scary for a new mom. Each time I seemed to get really down, she would have texted me or posted some funny comment on Facebook which made me laugh. It’s great having friends who can make you smile when you just want to cry.


Another great mom friend is Joanna of Midwestern Bite. She has kept me going through the pregnancy and now beyond. From sending me maternity clothes when I had trouble finding new shirts, to sending me oodles of baby clothes and Mother needs (like the milk tea stuff). She keeps track of what is needed or wanted, and somehow sends the packages, even while taking care of her two little ones. Speaking of, she should be getting a package any day now. Surprise! πŸ™‚ Joanna is also great at late night conversations and advice. I’ve definitely needed it! Between her and another mom of a toddler I’m friends with here, I’ve gotten some great tips to help with sleepless nights.


So many swaddles from Joanna, too:




She even helped decorate the nursery:



Another friend with kids gave me a huge amount of maternity clothes, as well as some baby items. He enjoys the hooded towels and blankets a bunch:


Then there are the friends who have been pregnant along with me. It’s great swapping complaints and successes. One friend has had her baby, and the other is due soon. So much excitement!

Finally, there is my husband K. He has been so helpful, even if we are all a bit cranky in the middle of the night. He listens to me, tries to help with whatever I need, and has been rushing home each day to help out. I couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) raise a baby with anyone other than him by my side.


So, thank you to everyone who has helped us out so far, and those who continue to offer help. Sometimes our brains are fuzzy and we don’t quite get to say thank you the way we want to, but we love all of you and appreciate you.


10 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: Good People

  1. Oh, such a cutie! : ) I’m so happy to hear you have help and such lovely people around you. I didn’t take on enough help when I had my guy and believe me, there is no such thing as ‘too much’ help right now. I didn’t even have a bouncer then. Big mistake; that thing is a life-saver. Hope you have a bjorn, too. It can be really overwhelming now. I know feeding and changing is constant and they start sleeping less after 2-3 weeks. I don’t mean to scare you but just letting you know to embrace the help. Your in-laws’ arrival will be great. Congrats again!

  2. I wish I was on the other coast (you know, the wrong one where you live LOL) so I could lend a hand. Those baby days can be a wild ride! Happy to hear that you’ve had so much help in these first weeks of parenthood. Things do calm down after a bit and you’ll figure out schedules and all that other ‘stuff’. Just remember that infants grow up very quickly so enjoy these baby days as much as you can. He is so adorable! God planned it that way so that we let the little buggers live! πŸ™‚ Wishing all of you much happiness!

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