Topic-Changing Thursdays: Enter the Fudgelet

After much ado, and many build-up posts, the Fudgelet has arrived. That’s right. My husband is K, my dad is … Dad, my stepmother is M, and my son is going to be nicknamed Fudgelet on here, courtesy of Joanna. He actually arrived over two weeks ago, but it’s been a bit busy in the Fudging Ahead household. His due date was July 28, but he didn’t arrive then. Nope, he arrived just like his mom… early! I know some people like to hear the birth stories, and some don’t. Feel free to tune out and I’ll see you in a future post. 🙂



To set the stage… I had met with my recent mother/pregnant women group on Thursday and talked with some about delivery, since it was coming up in a little over a week. On the Friday, I ran some errands, which included groceries for the week and a scrapbook for this year (we have one for each year we’ve been together). Saturday, I made a chocolate loaf recipe (which I will share on here soon). The loaf was supposed to be best the next day, so I made it Saturday thinking I could enjoy it on Sunday. Then, K and I took a walk in the afternoon before dinner. I couldn’t walk too much at this point because my hands, feet, and legs had gotten super swollen, but I could do about 20-30 minutes. I also had been having some nice pains from the baby sitting so low. We talked about when we wanted to have our parents visit, what other plans we had to make, and that sort of thing. That night, we had dinner (I actually can’t remember what it was) and while we ate, we watched the Lego Movie.

Not long after the movie started, I had (what I thought was) gas. But, you know, when you’re pregnant, your body does some gross things, so no biggie. I decided to eat some of the chocolate loaf, even though I was supposed to save it for the next day. It was really tasty! With about 10 minutes of the movie left (around 10:30 pm) I asked K to pause it so I could use the bathroom. Well, that was when I lost part of my mucus plug. I told him, and he began to frantically clean the kitchen. It was weird at the time, but hilarious now. We continued the movie after I looked it up to confirm that losing the mucus plug was no reason to call the doctor. After all, I was only about 1 week away from my due date, so it’s a common occurrence.

At the end of the movie, I still had to keep using the bathroom, and eventually lost the rest of the plug. I began to have some pain, and that isn’t supposed to be typical for the plug, so I decided to give a call to the doctor. It was 11:45 pm, so I got the answering service who said the on-call doctor would call me back soon. In the meantime, my water broke. At least, it seemed like it to me, but I wasn’t sure (the hospital confirmed it later). When the on-call doctor called me back, I filled him in, but he seemed skeptical. He said I was probably just in early labor, but I could come in anyway. K began running around even more crazily. I attempted to pack my toiletries (I already had my clothing/etc. ready to go), but somehow decided eyeliner was more important than concealer?? *sigh* Anyway, we left and drove to the hospital. There was crazy construction going on the highway, but luckily it was the middle of the night, so we were okay. The pain was getting worse, and it didn’t cycle. It just hurt nonstop.

We checked in, and went to a room for them to see if I needed to be admitted. I was fully effaced and 2 cm dilated. They also said that my pain was constant because I had no break between my contractions (why do they make us think there will be breaks!?). Anyway, after an hour or so of waiting in the room with a monitor, they checked me again and I was 4 cm dilated. Boom! Instantly admitted. In my new room, I had a new nurse who was amazing. Seriously. I need to go back and thank her extensively. She started me off on the bed, then I took a short walk. Apparently I amused the nurses because I seemed so “calm” and “stoic”. Ha! I didn’t feel calm! Things started getting less fun around this point. Time seemed to go really slowly. I had nausea, a bit of back labor, lots of time in the bathroom, and poor K trying to help me (all I wanted was quiet and ice packs).

Eventually, I made it to the tub for the remainder of labor. K thinks it was for about 3 hours. I have to trust him on that since I was not aware of much. Shortly before 7 am, I felt the pressure I was told about by the nurse. Of course, her shift was ending at 7 am. But, she kindly stayed with the next nurse for the actual pushing. (See, super awesome!) After needing some oxygen, being turned on my side, and just being encouraged to push over and over, I thought an hour or more had gone by. Each time I opened my eyes, a new person seemed to have entered the room. There was a slight umbilical cord issue with the Fudgelet’s neck, but I didn’t know about it until hours later. At 7:13 am (yep, just 13 minutes of pushing), I had a baby boy. K took a video of me after, and I sound like I’m on drugs, even though I hadn’t had anything (not even an epidural). We were very happy, but tired.


We left the hospital about 36 hours later. It was a bit nerve-wracking (and a bit painful) to ride home, but we did it! Since then, we’ve been having fabulous low-sleep nights and high-stress days (is he getting enough food? what does he want? how long should he sleep?).


I still have posts scheduled, so we shall see how this goes! At the moment, we are still working on his schedule (I know, I know, this will never be finalized), so I am hoping that I might have some more time to write some random posts here and there. Right now, I haven’t been on my laptop much, so blogging would be a bit challenging.

16 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: Enter the Fudgelet

    • Thanks! 🙂 My extra help just left today, so we’ll see how I do on my own! He has about 2 big fussy moments in a 24 hour period. Usually around our meal times, which isn’t fun, but better than the middle of the night like sometimes. 😉

  1. Congratulations on the arrival of your very adorable fudgelet! Love the nickname. : ) Good luck with everything and buckle your seat belts, this is the start of a wild ride! Take care!

  2. Aww how did I miss this post? Congrats on everything going smoothly (and on your no-drug perseverance which I did too) and on a sweet little guy!! That transition sucks, eh? (How’s that for an odd Canadian sentence?) Enjoy this time — it feels short and surreal years later. 🙂

    • I’m definitely glad to be at the end of the delivery and having the little guy. Now I can’t wait for him to sleep a bit better. 😉 But, I am trying to appreciate how small and cute he is right now.

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