Topic-Changing Thursdays: Time Before Baby

Again, I am writing this before the arrival of my baby, so there is a chance that I am holding him right now. But, I could also be pacing the house and yelling about how he hasn’t come yet. You never know. In the meantime, let me entertain you with some pictures of things we did before the baby arrived.

For instance, we had tall trees in front of our house that needed to be cut back. I shouldn’t call them trees. They are technically bushes, but had grown so high that they were essentially trees. We decided to go full-on crazy and remove half of each bush. It took a while, and my arms were exhausted from the hack saw, but you could finally see our house number!



We didn’t just work, though, we also went out to eat for my birthday…

buttermilk fried chicken is delicious


along with what might be our first fried green tomatoes (I couldn’t remember if I had eaten them before).


We also like to visit a local strawberry festival each year. Unfortunately my feet could only handle getting the shortcake and then sitting.



Speaking of desserts, I enjoyed making my first cake in a mug…



Which I obviously needed to serve with ice cream and sauces.


K knows I like receiving flowers, and he picked some up for our anniversary…



We also celebrated July 4th by walking to a lookout park in our neighborhood. You can see fireworks from so many cities all at once.






It’s hard to stay up for the fireworks here because they don’t start until after 10 pm (sunset is late in the summers here).

After the holiday, our first ever patio set arrived!


Of course the sun was out while we had to put it together…and then it went away when we were done working hard.


We had to go pick up an umbrella. After much debate, we had to get the boring brown one since the colorful ones were either too expensive or not as nice.



We’re hoping to enjoy some time outside with our visitors and the baby for the last bit of summer. So far, it’s been relaxing having some meals out there and enjoying the quiet.


5 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: Time Before Baby

  1. I really like the patio set; you’ll have lots of nice al fresco dinners out there while the baby runs around the yard next summer! How much fun is that to watch fireworks from all the cities at once? Hope you’re surviving and thriving on those first delicious weeks of mother (and father) hood. I’ll have to call and hear all about baby boy. Take naps!

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