Topic-Changing Thursdays: Pro and Con List for Pregnancy

Every time I think of Pro/Con lists I am reminded of The Gilmore Girls. Rory Gilmore (the daughter on the show) used to make them for everything. Well, maybe I was inspired by that for this! Basically, I’ve had a good amount of time to think about this pregnancy thing since I am now around 38.5 weeks. Note that this Pro/Con list is merely about being pregnant. Obviously I’ve already decided that having the baby is worth all of this, so there isn’t really a competition between the pros and cons. Having the baby is a big “pro” after all. 🙂



  1. Feeling the kicks and flips. It’s pretty neat to feel the movements. Other people can put their hands there, but it just doesn’t feel the same. It feels like you’re forming a bond with your baby before he even arrives.
  2. Fashion. I know, people complain about maternity fashion. But, I’d been wearing the same kind of clothes for a while now, and it was fun to branch out into new looks. You have no choice about getting a new wardrobe. No matter how big your previous clothes were, they won’t fit quite right (if at all) anymore. I also have a long torso which means that I will make use of some of these maternity shirts post-pregnancy. I finally have shirts that are long enough!
  3. Standing up for more things. Now that I’m pregnant, I take even less “crap” than I did before. If someone gives me a hard time, I feel like I have to stand up for myself even more. Maybe it’s like moral support? I’m not sure what gives me the confidence, but it’s definitely there.
  4. The weight gain. Now, I’m not saying that it feels wonderful to gain so many pounds in such a short time, but it’s a little liberating to not worry quite as much about the number on the scale.
  5. Sharing the experience with your partner. It’s been fun going through this with K. Sometimes you get a little scared or nervous. Other times you’re excited. All of it is nice to share with each other.



  1. All feelings must be from the pregnancy. Luckily my husband knows not to do this, but some other people do. No, I’m not feeling ___ because I’m pregnant. I’m actually ___ just because that’s how I feel! Same thing with cravings. You see me eating chocolate cake? Definitely not a pregnancy thing. It’s a “me” thing.
  2. The aches and pains. Yeah, there’s no getting around it. The pain has only gotten worse as I get closer to the due date. I wish this baby’s head was a little smaller and less “up in my business”, but oh well. Nothing to be done about it.
  3. The diet restrictions. I haven’t felt super restricted, but it has made some dining out experiences a bit difficult. The main thing I miss: eggs that are not cooked (think cookie dough or brownie batter) or just partially cooked like a runny yolk. I miss them the most.
  4. Fear of missing out. I know, it’s a bit overused, like the YOLO stuff. But, this is a time when you feel like maybe there are things you should be doing before the baby comes, like traveling. There’s the added fun that you maybe either can’t or don’t want to do those things. The idea of sitting in a car for more than an hour? It sounds horrible right now.
  5. Comments from people. People can make rude comments. Especially when you’re pregnant. Telling me “you’ve grown a lot since we last saw you” at the ultrasound place? Not cool. I mean, yeah, you saw me at 20 weeks, so I should be double in size or more. *sigh* Then there was the guy who worked there and started laughing when explaining why I was having pain. Apparently he found it amusing that it’s “normal” but that it “sounds horrible” to him.

As I said above, I don’t really mind the cons of pregnancy because the end result is worth it for me. In fact, I know I’ve had a pretty straightforward pregnancy. There have been times I’ve felt not great. Really not great. But I try not to dwell on it. It’s also quite amazing to have a human being growing in me. It’s an unreal feeling, and I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to do it. I can’t wait to meet the Little Fudgingahead.

3 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: Pro and Con List for Pregnancy

  1. Legitimate pros and cons, for sure. The Little Fudgingahead is almost baked and I can’t wait to hear an announcement of his arrival and see some pictures! Wishing you all the best. With love, Judy

    • Thanks for the love and wishes 🙂 I will post something (probably on Facebook before here) when it does eventually happen. For now, I am happy to wait another week or so. 😀

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