Topic-Changing Thursdays: A Surprise Baby Shower!

It’s not that I try hard to figure out secrets, I just tend to have “funny feelings” that pan out. So, surprise parties are pretty hard to do for me. Some people are able to do it, like when my coworkers threw me a bridal shower. It was really sweet, unexpected, and I was definitely surprised. For this shower, I knew that we were getting together with our friends the day before my birthday. K had mentioned that they might want to do some sort of shower or gift thing at some point. So….I wasn’t sure if this get-together would be to celebrate my birthday or the baby, or just be part of the gathering. It just seemed a little too coincidental to be the day before my birthday. But, I was still surprised at how much work they did for the party! When I entered the house, I was greeted with a “surprise!” and my response was laughing and saying “what am I supposed to be surprised about?”. I really had no idea what was going on. Like I said, I’m a bit hard to throw surprise parties for. Haha.


Once the initial surprise was over, I got to see all of the decorations and food they had been preparing for hours already.


Of course, since I didn’t know it was a party for me, I brought a dessert (my parents raised me properly), which just added to the enormous pile of sweets they made us take home later. There were black and white cookies (complete with one decorated just for me!),


a chocolate cake, peanut butter and chocolate cookies, ice cream, fruit (I am in love with fruit already cut and room temperature), guacamole, cheese crackers, and then the main courses! We ate so much that I had to hold onto the beef I had marinating for dinner that night.


Out of consideration of my party guests, I won’t include face shots so I don’t have any of the girls who helped throw this party, but they did a fabulous job. One of them was responsible for the party games, which was great since most of them were geared towards the guys and I could just sit and laugh. We all participated in identifying the “dirty” diapers (melted candy).


I did okay except had no idea for the Whoppers one. I guess I didn’t eat enough of them growing up. The best games were for the guys. They had to drink apple juice in bottles, bu they weren’t allowed to use hands initially, and then they could just use their wrists. A final round had them feeding each other. Apparently bottle drinking isn’t so easy as an adult. And of course the guys had to try to sabotage each other.


We received some fun gifts, including a diaper “cake” put together with the help of two sweet young girls (daughters of one of our friends).



There was a memo about our panda obsession. :)

There was a memo about our panda obsession. 🙂

I mean, butt cream. It's something you just roll with. :)

I mean, butt cream. It’s something you just roll with. 🙂

It was really fun to have one last big party before the baby arrives with our closest Seattle friends (minus one important lady, although at least we had her at the other shower).


4 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: A Surprise Baby Shower!

  1. What a fun party and how thoughtful your friends were! I got a kick out of the guys drinking their bottles. Now the festivities are over so bring on that little boy! I can’t wait to hear the news of his arrival. So excited for the two of you!

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