Tips-y Tuesdays: Re-purposing Meals

It’s been a while since I last shared a Tips-y Tuesday post. Today is partially inspired by my attempts to get ready for Little FudgingAhead. This is not food intended for him, but us parents have to be well-fed, too. I decided to take my short rib recipe and double it to save some for leftovers. I didn’t want to make it as I first did, though, because that meal involved a bit more work than I might want down the road. So, I decided to make it a bit more classic. So classic, that K wants us to have it with noodles next time like a beef soup. So, we made a note on the bag that it should be heated in that way. And I’m also proud of us for using a freezer bag! We’re really trying to get into this whole hoarding food thing, and knowing the best ways to label and store food for later.


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