Milk Bar Chocolate-Chocolate Cookies

It appears that I like chocolate cookies. I have made several versions on this blog, but apparently never the Milk Bar version. So, it was about time. This is another fairly simple recipe from the cookbook, and if you have read the book at all you would know that is a rarity. You can make the batter in a short time, then bake the cookies whenever you like later. It’s great to make then be ready with fresh cookies. These involve a bit more effort than some cookie recipes, but they are my favorite of the bunch. Like brownie cookies. With Oreo-tasting bits in them. And a nice bit of salt. You really should make these.


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Chicken with White Wine

This was our Easter meal. It was a nice day with lots of sunshine, which might mean you don’t want the oven on, but I often like to cook chicken in the oven on days like that. It feels summery because my mom used to do it. Normally I would roast potatoes with chicken and vegetables, but the oven was in use and I had a feeling mashed potatoes would work well for this. Well, they did. And adding the remainder of the creme fraiche to the mashed potatoes was an awesome idea. You know, if you need more awesome ideas in your life.


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Boston!

I’ve mentioned before that we were planning a big East Coast trip. The first leg of it was in Boston. I’d never been before, and K had gone but apparently been sick for it. This meant we had lots of ground to cover in a few days. We also had a couple friends to visit while there, which was nice. We stayed in a hotel which was mostly near everything. We never ate at the hotel, though, because we were right around the corner from Flour Bakery. That’s right, the place I’ve used recipes from! It was very exciting to actually go and try treats in person. Some were bigger hits than others. Chef Chang is known for her sticky buns, but maybe we’re just not big fans of them in general. We weren’t that impressed by it, but loved the twice-baked almond brioche. I wish the recipe for that was in her cookbook!

Oooo Brioche. I loved you.

Oooo Brioche. I loved you.


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Chocolate Ice Cream with Caramel Sauce, Mint Chocolate Chips, and Marshmallow Fluff (Phish Food-style)

I think it is worth noting that the ice cream I share with you today is eggless. There are different ways of doing this, and different reasons for doing it. Since I was making it for the purpose of using egg whites in the marshmallow fluff, it seemed silly to produce more egg whites. So, I decided to make the ice cream base without eggs.


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Homemade Marshmallow Fluff

This is a super easy way to make your own marshmallow fluff at home. It doesn’t have preservatives, so don’t expect to store for long periods of time, but you can easily whip it up and use it in a recipe. I wanted to use it in an ice cream recipe, so I simply made it right before I churned the ice cream. Then, after the ice cream was done churning, I just stirred it in. You will see more of this in a post coming soon…


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Toasted Coconut Cream Pie with Lime Whipped Cream

There are lots of coconut recipes on this blog. It certainly has nothing to do with my favorite tastes, but more the flavors of loved ones. There is NO chocolate in this pie. What!? I know. I made it for someone’s birthday…before I knew that they didn’t like cream pies. *sigh* Well, now I know. It was still loved by some other coconut friends in my life.


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