Topic-Changing Thursdays: Home Visits

As mentioned in other posts, we had a big East Coast visit. First we flew nonstop to Boston (I hardly slept on that flight) and then were there a few days. Next we took a bus to NYC for a couple days to see our friend Lisa and K’s family. Then we took another bus from NYC to Maryland to see the rest of K’s family and my family.

Our babymoon....

Our babymoon….


We were able to see and do a lot in 1.5 weeks, and it didn’t drag because we kept moving from place to place. In NYC, we stayed at an Air B and B for the first time. It was a nicer apartment than most hotels we’ve stayed in before. There were a couple weird things with checking in, but we managed alright. We were practically at the corner where Little Italy meets Chinatown, so it’s almost like a meeting of me and K!



The room was nicely decorated overall, but these dog pictures were a bit…odd…




Another part of the apartment that sounded ok and was nice to have, but still creeped us out a bit, was the elevator.


Basically, you can take the elevator right to your apartment, but it does feel a bit like someone could come in at any moment. Even if they can’t, it still made me a bit nervous.


While in New York, we hung out a bunch with Lisa and managed a big family dinner. Lisa even joined us for it at the usual restaurant we frequent.



We also visited touristy spots like Central Park


the Metropolitan Museum of Art


and Chelsea Market


For Easter season, the city had an Easter Egg Hunt going on…which egg do you prefer of the two below?



We said goodbye to K’s family, and to Lisa (but not really), and made our way to Maryland.


The bunny was a gift from my aunt that actually skipped along when you wound it up. We found it adorable. She got it because of a childhood story with me. My aunt is always the one who throws parties in our family, and so I made sure to tell her ahead of time when we would be in town, and this way all of the family could get together one more time before the baby arrives. She was kind enough to make it a baby shower with the help of another aunt, my dad, and M (stepmother).


Somehow my aunt and I both got the same memo for what to wear to my shower. 🙂

One of my friends told me she wouldn’t be able to go but I was seeing her the day before anyway. Then, I was supposed to not know that Lisa would be coming down to Maryland for the shower. To be honest, I tried not to think about which friends would be there since I wanted it to feel a bit like a surprise. But, K and Lisa are not so good at keep secrets so I found out anyway. No big deal, it was nice to know she was coming and I could think about things to show her on her short visit.


After the shower we went to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore to show Lisa the sights. She had to leave the next day, and unfortunately couldn’t join K with his family on a trip to DC to see the cherry blossoms. I did not join him because I was seeing one of good friends who also happens to be expecting within a couple weeks of me!




One of my favorite parts of the shower were these photo displays my aunt (not the one pictured above) made with pictures of K and me as babies. Some have our parents in them, too. Can you tell we were 80s babies?



That was it for our trip, and then we went back home. We have been busy working on the nursery furniture as well as other house projects. Hopefully everything will be good by the time July comes!



4 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: Home Visits

  1. So fun to see you in my neck of the woods! Well…the NYC area anyway. I could swear I know and been to that Chinese restaurant in NY but then again, many of them look exactly alike! Hope you had a wonderful baby shower…so exciting!

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