Topic-Changing Thursdays: Boston!

I’ve mentioned before that we were planning a big East Coast trip. The first leg of it was in Boston. I’d never been before, and K had gone but apparently been sick for it. This meant we had lots of ground to cover in a few days. We also had a couple friends to visit while there, which was nice. We stayed in a hotel which was mostly near everything. We never ate at the hotel, though, because we were right around the corner from Flour Bakery. That’s right, the place I’ve used recipes from! It was very exciting to actually go and try treats in person. Some were bigger hits than others. Chef Chang is known for her sticky buns, but maybe we’re just not big fans of them in general. We weren’t that impressed by it, but loved the twice-baked almond brioche. I wish the recipe for that was in her cookbook!

Oooo Brioche. I loved you.

Oooo Brioche. I loved you.


In typical Aly fashion, we went to the hotel immediately from the airport and then went to Flour for breakfast before starting our day. Why not start with a famous bakery at the start? We couldn’t get into our room yet (why did I agree to a red-eye that arrived at 7:30 am EST!?), but went to our first tourist attraction: the duck tour! It started in Boston, and we were always curious about them, so decided to do it.




Notice the blue skies? It was clear but quite cold. We kept the windows zippered for most of it because it was so chilly. Lots of wind, and I wasn’t ready for that. I only packed a spring jacket.

The boat we were on!

The boat we were on!

And it does go in the water…


I recommend the duck tour if you have the money. We were still sleepy and it gave a nice overview of the sites without wearing us out. Plus, the guide was really funny. After, we went up in the Prudential Tower (it’s reflected in the Hancock Tower above) and checked out the views. Again, recommended because it gave a great view and the information was nice (there’s a free audio segment as you go around).




Our room was available around this point, so we went back and cleaned up a bit before heading back out.


Checking out the library was fun, including this cute Lego model they had (K loooooves Legos).


This looked like a library from the movies.


Did you know how many graveyards there are in the city of Boston? Apparently quite a few.


No, seriously. I’m not kidding.


We had a good bit of time before dinner, but were done our main sights for the day so we went back to the room to relax a bit. I could hardly hoof it back there. I didn’t realize at the time but we ended up walking about 9 miles that day. Ouch! Of course, the next day we walked a measly 6 miles and the final day was over 9 miles.

Keep in mind the miles aren't always on nice terrain, either.

Keep in mind the miles aren’t always on nice terrain, either.

That’s a lot of miles, but being pregnant I felt it in the worst way. So, this meant that I put my feet up and promptly fell asleep for about an hour. I woke up and dragged myself to dinner. I’m glad I did, because it was such a good Italian meal. K loved his lobster ravioli and I had some butternut squash tortellini. What’s interesting is that most of the Italian restaurants there don’t serve dessert but expect you to go to one of the nearby pastry shops, which worked for us. As a result, the pastry shops are open much later than we are used to, so you can grab some to go like we did.

The next day began with a long wait for breakfast.


A small kitchen, but the sandwich K got was so so so good. Avocado, bacon, cheddar cheese, and egg is a good combo. The rest of the day was spent driving to different sights.


There are lots of Revolutionary War sights, including this old bridge. Apparently the water shouldn’t look like that (lots of snow and rain recently led to flood conditions). One of our friends grew up right near here, so she gave us a full history of all of the sights, which was fun!


Yup, there was even fun taking selfies with Thoreau. The next day was the Freedom Trail! There is a roughly 2.5 mile path that takes you past the major historical sights in Boston. I figured 2.5 miles was nothing. The trail looks like this most of the time, but occasionally is just a red painted line:













We fueled up with some yummy breakfast. I had mostly been having egg sandwiches but decided I was in the mood for blueberry pancakes. These were amazing!



Our trail began with this:


See the smiles and sunshine? It was a warmer day, which was nice. Some sights were more historical than others…


It wasn’t uncommon for some to be turned into modern businesses. Very odd.


This was me showing what I really wanted from our Boston trip: a lobster roll. I got my wish that afternoon:




The Holocaust Memorial was really incredible to see. Kind of spooky, even on such a happy-looking day. I recommend seeing it. The “frosted” looking glass is actually id numbers for all of the victims, and there is a tower for each camp.

Near the end of the trail was the church where the famous lights were displayed (one if by land, two if by sea). It’s a neat looking church, with interesting booths for seating. They said that people would bring warm bricks and keep warm with these little mini rooms.



Next we crossed a bridge and came to the USS Constitution.


This was underneath the deck. I didn’t go because my feet were really bad at this point, and I was worried about not doing well on the ladders. K took pictures to show me what I was missing. They were neat, but I was okay staying on top and listening to a lecture about the boat.


Amusingly, K and I would do well on that level, though. The ship was clearly designed for short people. The sad part of our day was that all of the random wandering around the sights means that 2.5 miles turns into much more. I couldn’t make it to the last stop: Bunker Hill. You can see it below.



I felt really bad since we might not return to Boston for a long time. Next time we have to start here.

On the upside, we had plenty of time to get to our dinner reservations at Meyers and Chang–the restaurant the Flour Bakery Chef Chang owns with her husband. Not only does she own it, but she was there that night!

I didn’t get a picture with her or an autograph. I went to the bathroom and saw her on my way. She was talking to people so I tried to think of what I could say while I freshened up. Well…I did get to talk to her, but I mostly just babbled. *sigh* She was really nice, though, and the food was good.

I think my favorite dish had to be my last, though…this:


Can you tell what I ordered from that list? I think it should be obvious if you know me…


The chocolate peanut butter one, of course! It was sooooo moist and tasty. Even K loved it, and he’s not a big peanut butter fan. Again, another recipe I wish she had in her cookbook. Oh well. The savory dishes were also yummy.

That marked the end of our Boston part of the trip, but there is more to come for the rest…stay tuned!



5 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: Boston!

  1. I’m betting your old bridge is the North Bridge in Concord? That’s where volunteer citizens were fired upon, and responded in kind with such skill and accuracy they quickly broke the ranks of the best trained and most feared military in the history of the world – their own British regulars.

    The Redcoats made their long march to Concord (after passing through Lexington) with the sole mission of confiscating arms, ammo, and powder. After decades of tension and peaceful attempts at reconciliation, it was this attempt at weapons confiscation that finally ignited our War for Independence.

    I really need to visit the North Bridge sometime. Thanks for the pics.

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