Berry Pie

With the impending baby, I am not able to fly past a certain time. We are still within that window, but I can say that I have lost interest in flying while pregnant after the last trips. Bleck. The bus on the other hand was great. Anyway, we planned a visit back to the East Coast to see everyone for one last “hurrah” before staying on our side of the country for a bit. Because this is one of my last visits for the year, I had told my dad to pick a treat for this month that would be best made in person. At first he said carrot cake which would be hard without my food processor to shred the carrots. Then he said apple crumb pie, which would be good but apples aren’t quite in season (especially not in Maryland). I suggested berry muffins and then he followed that with berry pie. Keep in mind, this is while I was in a park in NYC, nowhere near my cookbooks or computer to do research (I’ve never made a berry pie before). I said I would pick one of the pies, since clearly he was in the mood for pie.


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