Learning to Cook for Three: Part 1

I don’t know how many installments this will have, but here is the first one! I am hoping it will have a bunch since this will be sort of an ongoing adventure for our family. My husband K had the realization recently that he knows how to cook certain dishes really well, but hasn’t had to do as much cooking since we’ve been married. As a result, his cooking progress had hit a plateau. He wanted to get back in the kitchen and learn to make some dishes we have had in the past and enjoyed. This sounded like a good idea, and one we should start immediately so that we could make him feel better for the future and give us another couple-y activity to do.


Each week, we hope to make a dish together using past recipes on my blog, or maybe finding new easy ones he can learn to master. These are technically recipe posts so I am sharing them on my normal recipe days, they just might not always be new recipes. I figure this is another easy way to keep up with the blog, but still maintain some sanity. Ha!

Our first dish was one from not that long ago. It’s a tandoori-style chicken dish. K remembered really enjoying it, and it was fun to make it again. It’s pretty simple for a weeknight meal. This time we mixed it up by using chicken breasts. They worked just as well as the thighs, plus it allows us to be a bit healthier (a good idea for post-baby weight loss!). K did a great job prepping the ingredients and eyeballing the amounts of spices without needing measuring spoons (I’m so proud).

Here are some pictures from our dinner preparations:




We had leftover rice and naan from a takeout meal earlier, so it was easy to pair everything together. The vegetable was one he prepared, but I helped cook while he was relaxing from the chicken preparations. It was fun being able to tag-team the cooking, and hopefully our next endeavor will be as successful!

8 thoughts on “Learning to Cook for Three: Part 1

  1. When my mother-in-law passed away, my father-in-law went to the grocery store and put the apples and oranges in the same bag. He is a great, progressive guy, but had no idea about food because it was his wife’s department. Now he says, “I used to be at Home Depot 4 times/wk and the grocery store once, and now it’s the opposite!” And now, although my husband cooked for himself for years before we met, I find him doing dumb things in the kitchen himself. It’s great that your husband is flexing his chef muscles – I recommend it for everyone!

  2. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s a great place to keep ‘stirring’ up the love! Can’t go wrong with a hubby who enjoys cooking!

  3. You’ve got me craving tandoori chicken now! I do crave it all the time but still! It’s so nice that you guys are cooking together. It will be so crazy when the baby arrives…it’s nice to get in there now and enjoy the time together. I love cooking with my husband but we rarely get a chance to these days. I recently made Everyday Food’s recipe for curry chicken with coconut rice, all in one pot. It was really easy and makes a huge batch. You might like it…

      • No..just something I cooked over the weekend when I had my family over for dinner. I find posting about savory food hard (the picture taking at night and food getting cold, etc.). Enjoy your time in the kitchen with the hubby!

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